The second party in our Birthday Bash is for the boys, Star Wars and Jedi Academy birthday party ideas. These parties are full of food, games, invitations, party favors, and printable ideas to help you make the most out of your party.

Star Wars

1.  Jedi Training Academy Agenda {free printables:  Bingo, invite, games, food} 2.  Star Wars party game ideas 3.  Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers 4.  Camouflage Cupcakes with Star Wars Toppers

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

5.  FREE Printable Star Wars Jedi Academy Certificate 6.  Star Wars Birthday Party 7.  Homemade Star Wars birthday party 8.  Cardboard space ship 9.  Make an R2 unit to escape the Death Star 10.  Star Wars party favors 11.  Official Jedi robe 12. Jedi games and activities

Star Wars Birthday Cake Tutorials

13.  Clone Wars birthday cake tutorial 14.  R2D2 birthday cake tutorial 15.  Star Wars fondant character cake 16.  Death Star cake While you're here be sure to: