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Distressing & Antiquing Furniture {refinished desk}

Give new life to an old piece of furniture… Or rather, give old life to a new one by refinishing it! Distressing & antiquing techniques give painted wood a well-worn look that would otherwise take 50 to 100 years to accomplish naturally. And what’s more: you can distress ANYTHING wooden! Desks, chests, dressers, tables, picture frames, and chairs: the sky’s the limit!

Learn techniques to distress and antique your own furniture.

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You Will Need...

  • a desk or other piece of furniture
  • paint (1 qrt) for base "peek through" coat
  • paint (1 qrt) for top coat
  • paint roller and brushes
  • paint tray
  • steel wool (grade #00 or #000) and/or sandpaper
Difficulty: Moderate
Budget: Reasonable
Estimated Time: Hours 4

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