Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake

How to make Star Wars or Cone Wars birthday party cake. Simply order a $14 flat-iced round cake from Kroger and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake. I send an image of Star Wars clones, Anakin, and Darth Maul to decorate this cake into an easy-do-decorate Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday cake, in minutes! Photography by Michelle R. Photography

You Will Need...

  • $14 flat white iced smooth birthday cake from Kroger
  • Star Wars Clone Cookies from
  • Anakin and Darth Maul cookies
  • Blue round chocolate Sizzix candies
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  • Step 1
    Step 1: Order a flat white iced smooth birthday cake from Kroger, I paid only $14. Then place it on a white cake stand.
  • Step 2
    Step 2: Place the themed sugar cookies around the white cake using white icing. Place the cookie's on a stick on top.
  • Step 3
    Step 3: Assemble color coordinating cocolates on the plate to cover up the bottom of the cake and cardboard cake stand. I got these blue ones from Party City and used 2 packages.


  • Laurie Turk
    17 Sep 2012, 23:59


    I'll be adding more fields in the "service provided by" so you can add several Mom-preneurs for each project you add. {squeal} For instance, for this party I hired a photographer, cookie maker, and digital printables. So I want to make sure I can promote them all! More features coming soon... ~ Laurie the Tip Junkie
  • Laurie Turk
    08 Oct 2012, 14:31


    I purchased the Star Wars Birthday Party Printables from Allison Powell Designs.