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Trendy Count Down Template {free printable}

Create a new tradition with this trendy teal and red count down calendar template and enjoy it as a family in minutes!

This printable count down calendar is quick to use and 2 steps to make. Now you can count down to any event like vacations, birthdays, Daddy coming home, Grandma’s visit, etc. Sky’s the limit with this blank count down calendar template. Enjoy!

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You Will Need...

  • Printer
  • Matte Photo Paper
  • Frame {optional}
Difficulty: Easy
Budget: Cheap
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes
  • Step 1

    Print: For the best results, print these blank count down calendars onto matte photo paper. Although any paper will do. {wink}
  • Step 2

    Frame: Next, slip it into a frame that you already have displayed in your home and you are set!

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