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Your Favorite Crafting Skill?


Hey Ladies!  Inquiring minds what to know what your favorite crafting skill is.  Your votes will help me customize Tip Junkie to feature the tutorials that you’d like to see and learn more about.  So click on one of the images below to cast your vote.  YAY!

  • Baking or Cooking

    • Baking
    • Cooking
      Blonde woman using a tablet computer to cook in her kitchen
  • Knitting or Crochet

    • Knitting
      Close-up of a woman knits with knitting needles from natural woolen threads a white and blue sweater a woman shows how to knit correctly
    • Crochet
      Colorful crochet flowers collection. Crochet flowers, multicolored cotton yarn, crochet hooks on purple wooden table. Easy summer handmade crafts idea. Closeup
  • Cleaning or Organizing

    • Cleaning
    • Organizing
Baking versus Cooking Pool on Tip Junkie