21 Fun Travel Themed Birthday Party Ideas


The best ideas on how to host an amazing travel party. These travel party themes includes everything you need {and more} for a birthday bash, farewell party or even graduation party!  These party ideas are a First Class experience for the soon-to-be world traveler!

Fun Travel Themed Birthday Party IDeas

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Party Travel

Fly Away With Me

1.  Fly Away With Me {Farewell Party Ideas} ~ Fly away with me to this amazing farewell party! Hot air balloons, globes and vintage suitcases adorned the dessert table. Some of the delectable desserts included divinity clouds, raspberry macaroons, and coconut cupcakes. All white to represent the clouds!

Travel Theme Party {lucky 7 birthday}

2.  Travel Theme Party {lucky 7 birthday} ~ Celebrate lucky birthday number 7 with a travel themed party. Party guests receive a passport and visit stations that represent the seven continents, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. You will be blown away by the inspiration for this party. And, all of the resources are listed to make things easier. {wink}

The Airplane Party

3.  The Airplane Party ~ Fly high with this sunny airplane party featuring a vintage map, suitcase and map bunting.

A Grown Up Paper Airplane Party {adult party ideas}

4.  A Grown Up Paper Airplane Party {adult party ideas} ~ This grown up paper airplane party is zooming with cleverness! An old atlas was used to construct a paper airplane garland, cake bunting, cupcake toppers and food picks. Enlist the kiddos to help you make the airplanes.

Kids Travel Theme Party

5.  Kids Travel Theme Party ~ From custom place settings to globes and mini suitcases this travel themed party is perfection!

Travel Party Invitations

Boarding Pass Travel Invitation

6.  Boarding Pass Travel Invitation ~ Use this boarding pass example as an invitation to a travel party or any creative way you dream up. It’s not an editable file so I made it a generic as possible. You can add text on top of it or print it to use as is.

Luggage Tags & Passport Invitation

7.  Luggage Tags & Passport Invitation ~ The invitations look like a passport and you can use the luggage tags for table decor, or add some plastic and really use them as luggage tags.  Bon voyage!


Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth {children's party}

8.  Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth {children’s party} ~ Up, up and away with this adorable diy hot air balloon photo booth! Your party guests will have a blast sitting in the basket and taking their picture. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own hot air balloon. It’s not as hard as you might think and only uses minimal supplies.

Paper Airplane Garland

9.  Paper Airplane Garland ~ Check out this super clever paper airplane garland! Great for the kids to help make.

Airplanes and Clouds

10.  Airplanes and Clouds ~ Shannon hung batting from the ceiling to look like clouds along with wooden model airplanes, giving the decor a fun vintage feel.


Sweet 16 Travel Party Games

11.  Sweet 16 Travel Party Games ~ Super sweet 16 birthday party game stations perfect for an airplane, Travel themed party, or ‘Oh the places she’ll go!’ party. These fun party game signs include Travel Agent, U.S. Customs Declaration, departing flight, in-flight snacks, in-flight beverage, souvenir station, travel advice, and baggage claim.

Party Food

Airplane Party Food Ideas

12.  Airplane Party Food Ideas ~ Zoom zoom zoom! This airplane party is ready for take off with it’s runway, control tower cake and faux grass. At the 10,000 foot altitude guests can snack on pretzels, nuts, packaged sandwiches and bottled water. This party is utter perfection!  

Control Tower Sandwiches

13.  Airplane Party Food Ideas ~ This adorable airplane party features a plethora of food ideas.  They include life vest bagels, control tower sandwiches, aeroplane jelly, seat belt cheese straps, first class petit fours and even a drink cart.

Dessert Table

Pan Am Party {Party Theme Ideas for Adults}

14.  Pan Am Party {Party Theme Ideas for Adults} ~ Lynlee threw a Pan Am-themed party to celebrate her mother’s birthday, who used to work at the iconic airline. With the debut of the new show on ABC this week, this may become a popular party theme.

Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes

15.  Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes ~ Give your travel birthday party the WOW factor with these Hot Air Balloon cupcakes made into a garland or banner. You can put anything inside the muffin cups like candy, muffins, or cupcakes!

Vintage Airplane Dessert Table

16.  Vintage Airplane Dessert Table ~ This vintage airplane party will take you to new heights with the exceptional decor!  A yellow, blue and brown color palette was incorporated throughout the party from the food to the decor.


Donut Cake

17.  Donut Cake ~ Stack your favorite palm-sized treats for a fun birthday cake alternative! You can dress the donuts up by drizzling on colorful glaze and fun sprinkles. And, of course, don’t forget to add some adorable flags and candles!

Party Favor

Airplane Party Favor

18.  Airplane Party Favor ~ Assemble a candy airplane using push up pops, fruit striped gum, colored hair elastics, and lifesavers for a fun party favor.


Flight Plan ~ Travel Agenda

19.  Flight Plan ~ Travel Agenda ~ Here is the flight plan or Travel Party Agenda I made when I hosted the Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations. Each guest received one from the Travel Agent. It was an organic way to show each guest what to expect from the party, what games we were doing, and when they were going to eat!

Travel Party Games

20.  Travel Party Games ~ Here is my printable file of party ideas I created when I was planning a travel themed birthday party I hosted for a Sweet 16. This printable party ideas file contains party game stations, paper plane games, travel photo booth props, as well as craft activities ideas.

Pan Am Stewardess Cap

21.  Pan Am Stewardess Cap ~ Use this incredible 1963 inspired Pan Am Stewardess Cap to dress up as a flight Attendant to accent your Halloween costume or a fun Sweet 16 Travel Birthday Party like I did!


DIY Party Ideas

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