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Now that summer is upon us, I keep getting asked, do you have any other vacation plans?   Well, let me tell you….{wink}   I’m taking my family to Universal Studios Orlando for the Forward Family Event hosted by Mom It Forward for the second year in a row because we enjoyed ourselves so much last year.  If you are considering a family vacation, and have kids, let me recommend going to Universal Studios.  Here are some incredible insider tips that you’ll want to know about before you plan your family vacation this summer to Universal Orlando Resort.

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Pay Attention to the Height Requirements!

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I found this Universal Studios with Kids free printable that will take the guess work out of rides and restrictions for you.  It’s fabulous.  Print it out and take it with you.  

Here’s How to Avoid the Lines:

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Now, here’s the deal.  You have to purchase express passes separately from your park pass (UNLESS you stay at a hotel on Universal Studios property), but they are worth it.  You do not want to get stuck in a long line with and waste precious time with your kiddos!

Plan your trip, if possible to avoid peak season.  September is generally a good time of year to visit.  Parks are busier around the holidays and school breaks.

Take advantage of the child swap program that Universal offers.  Each ride and attraction has a child swap area where one member of your party can wait with the little ones while the rest of your party rides. Once they are off the ride, swap places and whoever rode can stay with the kids while the adult(s) who sat out gets the opportunity to enjoy the ride. The best part about the child swap is that they are usually indoors! {snicker} So, your little ones get a nice cool down period with a TV and some play time while they wait! You can also utilize these areas if one of your kiddos decides at the last minute that they donÂ’t want to ride. 

Character Meet and Greets!


Be sure to check out the Universal Studios map for places and times where you can get photos of the characters.  I’ve found that the meet and greets are always a highlight for my kiddos!

Insider Tips {woo hoo!}

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If you are 10 years or older, then you have the option of grabbing a quicker spot as a “single rider”. Since most people ride in groups of two or more, if there is an extra spot available the attendants will ask for a single rider and you’ll be able to skip ahead in the line.

Most guest generally arrive to the park in the morning, so a good strategy is to start in the back of the park and make your way to the front. After 4pm the park tends to clears out a bit. Also, most people tend to travel on Sunday, therefore Sunday’s are not as crowded and a great day to play at the parks. Late afternoon tends to be a quieter time in the park, but again that can change from day to day. That is why staying on-site helps – you can come and go easily back and forth depending on the day and the weather (and the mood of your children).

Most guest generally arrive to the park in the morning, so restaurants further back in the park will be busier at lunch as guests make their way around the park. Also, any restaurant appealing to children will be busier right around those times of the day that they generally eat lunch at home or school.

A huge thanks to Universal Orlando Resort for putting the fun back into a family vacation!  We love spending time there!

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