LDS Missionary Farewell Party


Hosting a LDS Missionary farewell party  is now easier and more fun than ever!  Don’t stress about a big to-do for your farewell party decorations.  With a few printables, some good food, and great company, your missionary farewell is sure to a hit.  Mormon Missionaries will love these simple farewell ideas because they aren’t fussy.  {{score}}

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LDS Missionary Farewell Party Ideas

I can’t tell you how much fun I had preparing for this missionary farewell party!  I loved coming up with creative ways to decorate, entertain, and feed  guest on a  budget.  Since LDS missionaries are heading out for 18 months (girls) or two years of service (boys), I thought that it was important to keep things fun and beautiful but also not go over-the-top.  I also loved proving that it can be done and that my site has many of the resources, like free printables, organizational tools and party ideas.  {{squealing}}  The missionary farewell was absolutely worth all the preparation {{it was so much fun!!}} and I’m so excited to show it off!  Here’s how I did it:


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I had a blast decorating for this party!   I’ve found that one of the best ways to decorate on a budget is to use the food to decorate!  You can do amazing things with the food that you serve at your party and let the food play double duty!  For example:

  • Set up the food table as your focal point for the party.  Use serving plates at varing heights to add interest to the table.  Utilize printables and mix geometric patterns for pops of color and to tie in your theme.
  • Make use of “stations” to spread things out.  For example, a water station and an “advice” station.

Water Station_2_TipJunkie copy-jpg

 Little touches like printables add a ton of interest to the table and make the decorations look amazing! 



Printables_Food Table_Right_TipJunkie copy-jpg

All good parties need refreshments, right?   I personally like to embellish my food.  Printables, printables, printables.  Use cupcake toppers for cupcakes.  Utilize food cards for each food item to label the tray.  One of my favorite tricks is to tie a ribbon around a glass jar filled with candy and secure with a printable tag.  See what I mean about free printables coming in so handy?

Remember, throwing a party doesn’t need to cost a ton of money!  Cute decorations, yummy treats and good company go a long way!    If you’ve invited fun friends, your party is sure to be a success!  {{wink}} 

Get the Printables!

The printables were a big part of farewell party decorations.  Here’s where you can find them!

  1. Called to Serve Printables
  2. Direct Download for Elders
  3. LDS Mission Farewell Party Printable Set on ETSY
  4. LDS Mission Set on ETSY

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