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Once again for today’s Talk To Me Tuesday, we’re doing something a little different.  Lately I’ve been wondering a lot about how you organize your life.  Do you have a master “To Do List” like I do, do you wing it, do you have a schedule or are you more laid back?  Oh the questions I have.  Therefore, to get another sneak peak into your life, today you can show off your:

  • To do list
  • Your schedule
  • Your favorite organizational item or system
  • Or Just talk about how you run your family

Cuz, I totally want to know and learn from the fellow crafters out there!  I know it’s a little different but I hope you’ll have fun with it and play with us today.

How to Play

Link your “To Do Lists” posts to this post using Mister Linky. Please link to your direct post not your home page.  If you haven’t used Mister Linky before, here’s the low down (a.k.a rules).

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  1. I don’t have a to-do list post, but I have a new favorite to-do list program. It’s calle TeuxDeux. It’s a web-based program that allows you to keep a running to-do list. You can schedule items or add them day by day. Anything not completed moves to the next day. There’s also a someday list for all of the long-term things you hope to do. Here’s a link:

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