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Adult Coloring Book Dishes

Adult Coloring Book Dishes

Use your adult coloring book masterpieces to create a beautiful set of dishwasher safe dishes for your home!

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You Will Need...

  • Your favorite coloring book pages
  • Thick permanent marker
  • Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage
  • Americana acrylic paint in white (and other colors)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Glass plates
  • Black paint pen
  • Paintbrushes or cosmetic sponge
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    1. Clean the back of the glass plate with rubbing alchol 2. Edge the plate with a black paint pen 3. Trace around your design with a thick black permanent marker 4. Make copies of your page on white and in colors you like 5. & 6. Carefully cut out your images and decide on your design 7. Mist the front and back of your cutouts 8. & 9. Add the Americana Decoupage to the face of your cutout 10. Gently place on the plate and clip the edges so they adhere around the curves 11. When all the pieces are adhered, paint the back of the plate with white (or a color) using a cosmetic sponge 12. When dry, coat the entire back of the plate with Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage *follow the instructions for curing time

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