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DIY ejeweled Boho Cardboard Mirror Tutorial Video

Bejeweled Boho Cardboard Mirror

Make your home sparkle with a beautiful bejeweled boho mirror made with cardboard and gems! See how easy it is to make here:

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    1. & 2. Cut and roll thin cardboard strips around different sized tubes and then glue the end down to make cardboard disks and rings *Make sure the tubes are a bit larger than the diameter of your gems 3. Clip the end of each ring and disk in place and let dry 4. 5. & 6. Paint your cardboard or wood circular base in Americana Decor Metallics in Antique Brass 7. Center the mirror on the base and pencil around it 8. & 9. Figure out your design and then glue the disks and rings around the penciled mirror line using E-6000 Glue 10. Paint the disks and rings with more Antique Brass 11. & 12. Glue the mirror in the center and the gems inside and on top of each ring and disk Ready to hang!

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