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Birds and Butterflies Under Glass

Turn dollar store items into a beautiful, museum-worthy display for your curiosity cabinet! Watch the fun video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/Mmwk-_t4gxI

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  • Step 1

    HERE'S HOW 1. Paint your wood disks with the Vintage Brass Americana Decor Metallics 2. Glue twigs in the center of the disks 3. A simple straight twig for the butterflies and fuller for the birds *Make sure your glass vases easily fit over the twigs 4. Paint the twigs with more Vintage Brass 5. & 6. Glue the faux birds and flowers to the twigs and then glue the mouth of the glass to the base 7. Glue printed and feather butterflies to the long, straight twigs 8. Glue the tall thin vase over the butterfly twig 9. Print out vintage bugs, place them in upside down glass jars and then glue a large shooter marble on top

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