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Carpet Cleaning Tips you must know

Carpets at home or stairs increases the beauty of house. But the maintenance of the carpets is equally important. It is a time consuming process as they are quite heavy and full of dust due to heavy trafficked areas. And we must decide it very carefully which carpet cleaning machine would best serve our purpose, by saving time and energy. A good friendly machine is the one that removes all sort of deep stains from the carpet and helps in serving to the house for long years. Let’s have a look at the aspects that are to be considered while buying a correct carpet cleaning machine or best vacuum for stairs

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    Vacuum cleaner:

    There has been wide range of machines for cleaning carpets. But vacuum cleaners are the first choice for cleaning the carpets of the house. The two different kinds of vacuum cleaners are” upright and canister”. Many people go for handheld vacuum cleaners for the stairs or hard to reach areas but these are not as strong as other two vacuum cleaners.
    Upright vacuum cleaners have two motors; for dirt and frequency. Theses vacuum cleaners have brushes that are used to remove the dirt from the carpets but these rotating brushes cannot serve to all types of carpets as it can be the cause of damage too.
    Canister vacuum cleaners are light and compact that possess only one motor and a hand held nozzle. It does not uses bushes so less prone to damage to carpets. There are many methods used to remove the stains from deep within the carpets as vacuum cleaning is only used for removing dirt from surface area. The dirt within the carpet can be the reason for damaging the carpet.
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    Carpet cleaner extractors:

    This type of cleaner is used to trap the stubborn dirt from the deep within the carpet. It’s not only the surface area but from the depth the dirt is pulled out from the carpet. The cleaning solution is used for such purpose and injected deep within the carpet so that the stain loses its grip and easily able to move out of the carpet.
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    Steam cleaning:

    Steam cleaning is based on the concept of drawing steam deep within the carpet so that the dirt losses the hold to the fibres of the carpet and easily vacuumed up.  When steam cleaning process is put into action the dirt losses its hold but there is a drawback the carpet is needed to be fully dried up otherwise it will leave moisture in it resulting in damage of piles.
  • Step 4

    Dry extraction carpet cleaning machines:

    The only difference compared to steam cleaning is that it uses dry powder so that the carpet remains dry after process is accomplished. What they do is, they inject the dry shampoo or powder deep within the fibres of carpet. The dirt loosens its hold and as a result purpose is solved without taking the stress of drying the carpet.

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