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Draw Your Own Lego Minifigures | Lego Games

Draw your own Lego minifigures is a quick and easy Lego game that’s perfect for party games for kids, play group, boredom buster, or just for fun. To play, simply print out the “Create Your Own” Lego minifigures from the Home Grown Learner’s blog and grab some crayons!

I made this ‘draw your own Lego minifigures’ game for my sons 8th birthday as he wanted The Lego Movie themed party. It’s super easy to make and even more fun to play!

You Will Need...

  • Free Printable File {blog links below}
  • Paper
  • Crayons
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Print out the "Create Your Own" Lego minifigures from the Home Grown Learner's blog.
  • Step 2

    Another option is to print this Design Your Own Lego Man from the East Coast Mommy blog.
  • Step 3

    If you're playing this game with a group or as a party games for kids, then order aThe Lego Movie party sign from PunkyPrep. She'll email you the printable file. Then simply print them out on photo paper, attach to a dowel rod or skewer, and embellish with ribbon.
  • Step 4

    Add crayons and you're all set for a fun Lego Game or activity for kids!

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