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De-clutter these spaces for a clean looking home

If your home has gotten cluttered over the years and you have finally decided to make the huge and important step of de-cluttering, the first thing you should do is the most important one.

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  • Step 1

    The first and most important thing you should do is to separate your things into four categories: garbage, recycling, giveaway pile, and the things you will keep. Take your time and take a look at everything – old papers, forgotten toys, vases, clothes, knick-knack items, decorations, sports equipment, etc. Get rid of all the unnecessary things. Make room for new ones.
  • Step 2

    While you de-clutter and organize your home, pay attention to some specific places that mostly create the appearance of your home. For example your kitchen and living room. The first places you should de-clutter are your kitchen and living room. These rooms are the ones your family, friends and guests see most often. They should always look organised and clean, and in order to achieve that, the clutter must be gotten rid of.
  • Step 3

    De-clutter your kitchen counter and your kitchen will look cleaner than ever as House Cleaners London said earlier. Get rid of boxes of cereal, put them in the pantry where they belong, smaller kitchen appliances – juicer, toaster, etc. - put them in a cabinet. They do not need to be on your counter all the time. Put away everything you do not use every day.
  • Step 4

    Another important place to de-clutter is your living room shelving. You may not realise it until you do it, but if they are de-cluttered and organised, your living room will look more spacious, organised and cleaner. Make only one or two shelves knick-knack areas, on other shelves put less things, it will look better. Any papers or art supplies, or other things that you use and are scattered all over the place, you can put in boxes, bins or even in storage ottomans. Get a few beautiful boxes and put your supplies in them, if you do not have special places for them. Better have a few beautiful boxes nicely positioned in your living room, than scattered junk, right?
  • Step 5

    And the last but not least, your bathroom. If your bathroom counter or cabinet is de-cluttered and organised, your bathroom will look much nicer and cleaners. Get rid of all the expired beauty products in your bathroom. Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, make up that you do not use. If there are still too many left, get a bucket and put your bottles in it. It will clear more space, and it will be easier to clean your bathroom.Get to work now and turn your home into an organised and clean place for your family.

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