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DIY recycled tin can flower pots

Instead of throwing away your tin cans, why not recycle them into something pretty and useful like some flower pots. Here’s how to make tin can flower pots in just a few easy steps.

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You Will Need...

  • tin cans
  • metal sandpaper P 1000
  • primer
  • spray paint in color/colors of choice – make sure it works on metal too (I chose golden and black because I had some left from this project where I recycled some plastic bottles into vases and didn’t want to buy new paint before finishing these; I’m the queen of savvy as you may know by now!).
  • paper sheet
  • scotch tape
  • big piece of carton to work on to avoid spilling paint
  • soil
  • some gravel
  • flower to plant
Estimated Time:

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