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DIY Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been eyeing the beautiful silk ribbon yoga bracelets on Etsy for a long time. However, I’m not about to spend between $25 to $60 for one. The total cost of this one was $6. Now I know it’s not professional, but it works for me. First I purchased the ribbon on Etsy and then found some charms in my stash of collected yard sale finds. I went with a religious theme on this one. All I did was gather together three charms (all are sterling and were purchased at various yard sales for less than 25 cents) put them on a ring off an old handbag, centered it on the ribbon and tied a knot. Done!

You Will Need...

  • Ribbon, charms
Estimated Time:

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  1. Margarita Moreno Moreno
    Margarita Moreno Moreno

    Love it!

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