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Flight Plan ~ Travel Party Agenda {printable file}

Here is the flight plan or Travel Party Agenda I made when I hosted the Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations. Each guest received one from the Travel Agent. It was an organic way to show each guest what to expect from the party, what games we were doing, and when they were going to eat! A great tip especially when hosting a party with 20+ teenagers. During the party we chose 4 destinations because those are the places the sweet 16 birthday girl had traveled. We used those experiences as a way for her guests to get to know her better and find a connection.

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You Will Need...

  • Flight Plan {printable file link below}
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  • Step 1

    Print out an example of the Flight Plan I used as the agenda for the Sweet 16 travel birthday party I hosted. Link above.
  • Step 2

    I must give a huge thanks to Emily Decker who took most of these amazing photos! Tip Junkie loves to promote women in business. {high fives}

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