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Handmade Bookmarks Making

If you are a student or a book reader, You will understand the importance of having a bookmark. Do you belong to those who turn their book page corner when stop reading a book? There are two types of readers, One with bookmarks & one without bookmarks. Another one type is ME who make & giveaway bookmarks a LOT. I made this butterfly bookmark & it’s super easy. Have a look at it’s tutorial.

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  • Step 1

    First of all I measure the paper sheet & then cut it with a sharp cutter. There were 4 strips of paper after cutting and separating them. Make a point where you want to circle punch for putting a tassel or thread etc.Put all three paper strips together & punch it nicely.Then keep the sheets together & fix under the butterfly punch & press it. You can do it one by one as well. The 4th bookmark strip made a little mess with the punch & butterfly design was lost. But I am glad to have these three butterflies well.

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