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Homemade liquid laundry soap

If you are interested in finding frugal methods for keeping your household clean, you’d better keep reading as below, you will find some budget-friendly options for making your own DIY laundry detergent. Needless to say, laundry supplies open a considerable gap in the budget, especially if you are a fan of the more expensive brands. However, you can make your own laundry soap and make your clothes as clean as if you have treated them with the most expensive commercial product. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you save some money and achieve the same great results.

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  • Step 1

    You can find the laundry soap ingredients in any supermarket. If you wish so, add a few drops of a preferred essential oil. Essential oils cannot be defined as the ingredients that have the greatest cleaning properties, but they can deodorise your clothes. Here is what you need: castile soap or one of those laundry bars and stain removers. There are various brands although there is not much difference in terms of efficiency. You will also need some washing soda as well as a suitable container. A 5-gallon bucket would do a good job. It is also important to note that there is a difference between washing soda and baking soda, so make sure you buy washing soda.
  • Step 2

    The first thing you have to do is to grate the laundry bar. Then, add the soap shavings to a container where you have poured 4 cups of hot water. Keep stirring until the soap is completely melted. Then, pour the melted soap solution into the empty bucket and add some water.
  • Step 3

    Then, it is time to add equal parts of Borax and washing soda. Although you are not supposed to use precise quantities, the recommendation is to use 1 cup of each. If you are going to add some of your favourite essential oil, you have to do it now. If not, proceed with filling up the bucket to the top with hot water and stir.
  • Step 4

    Allow 24 hours for the mixture to gel up and there you have it, a considerable amount of a laundry detergent. Depending on how dirty the clothes are, use between half a cup and 1 cup per load. If you wish, you can divide the laundry detergent into smaller containers.
  • Step 5

    If you want to make your DIY laundry detergent even more powerful against stubborn stains, professional cleaning agency advises you to add ½ cup of Borax to the aforementioned recipe.
  • Step 6

    There are also a couple of factors that can have an impact on the effectiveness of your homemade laundry detergent. The quality of the ingredients you will use really matters. That's applicable particularly to the soaps. For best results, you are advised to use a hand-crafted soap that contains only eco-friendly ingredients. It goes without saying that organic stuff is more expensive than the laundry bars you can find on the aisle where cleaning products and detergents are available. Yet, buying a bit more expensive soap is still the better investment than buying an expensive laundry detergent. Of course, you can always make your own soap, consisting of natural ingredients only.
  • Step 7

    As most homemade cleaning solutions, the laundry detergent has its opponents claiming that it can cause suds and residue build-up in the drum, which affects the washing performance of your appliance. However, if you have invested in a high-efficiency washing machine, the chance of having troubles due to the usage of the homemade solution are pretty slim. In point of fact, the lower class machines are also doing fine with the DIY detergent, so it is worthy of giving it a try.

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