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How to do your own cleaning schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is useful and will help you keep your home healthy and dust-free without forgetting to do unpleasant tasks. If you stick to the timetable and schedule which you have created you will have no problems keeping your home well sanitised. In this article you will learn how to do your cleaning schedule that will ease your household and sanitising work.

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  • Step 1

    First thing you need to do is write down on a sheet of paper what needs to be done. All cleaning and housekeeping tasks should be included so that later you can set each one for a suitable time. Separate the cleaning tasks by room: bathroom tasks, kitchen tasks, etc. Once you have the full list you can easily group them by frequency. You can write each one who will do the task in brackets after discussing it with your family.
  • Step 2

    Now that you know what needs to be done you can group the tasks by frequency. Separate them in groups: tasks that should be done daily, a few times in the week, weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually, etc. It is important to know that you should keep this list with the time when each task should be done keeping it pinned on a cork board for example.
  • Step 3

    The next step to creating your own cleaning schedule is checking your appointment and obligation list to see what time do you have available for cleaning. Family and children responsibilities take time as well as work. Check the timetable of each member of your family and separate the tasks between them. Pay attention to the age and abilities of each one to assign them suitable cleaning tasks. More complex ones you can leave to the older members.
  • Step 4

    You can spend some time to consider when you like to do the things and discuss this with your family. Pick days when you will have the physical strength to clean and de-clutter. Make sure you take into account the preferences of your family members for the chores they will do. Write the time and the person who will do the work on a sheet of paper in the chart. In it you should have the days of the week, if it is more detailed you can have the months or create a separate worksheet for each month.
  • Step 5

    Consider what are your priorities when writing the timetable especially if you have limited time to do the work are advising from End Of Tenancy Clean Greenwich. Delegate tasks which you want, but don't have time to do to others. Ask them if they can cope with the work and when is the most convenient time to do it. Remind them when the time comes and check afterwards if they have done the work. Write yourself reminders in your phone or laptop to make sure you don't forget to complete each cleaning chore in time. Be very realistic what you and your family can achieve with the free time you have. Don't overestimate your abilities.
  • Step 6

    Once you create a cleaning schedule pin it on a board in the living room or use a magnet to attach it on the fridge. You can write the tasks for each family member with different colours and print the sheet to make it more distinct. Do what is necessary to motivate everyone do their chores in time, remind them before and check after that if they have performed the work.
  • Step 7

    Don't be too strict with the results. Encourage more than criticising the results even if you are not so pleased with them. This way the cleaning work won't be regarded by your family as tedious and unpleasant. Focus more on the results and the reasons why each task should be performed.

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