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Loose the Lego Game | Party Games for Kids

This loose the lego game is so much fun! It’s my version of Minute To Win It Junk in the Trunk game. As you can see this kids party game was so entertaining!

There’s so many things you can call this fun Lego Game: Loose the Lego, Lego Shake, and even Junk in the Trunk. No matter what you call it, this Lego Game is so easy to set up and easier to play. All you need is a tissue box, belt, and Lego’s to play!

The goal is to belt an empty tissue box around your waist and fill your “trunk” with Legos {or 8 ping-pong balls}. Dance, wiggle, and jiggle until the box is empty. Hysterical!

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You Will Need...

  • Tissue Box
  • Belt
  • Lego {or 8 ping pong balls}
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    How to Make: The key is to have the right Tissue box with a rectangle opening. {versus large 2 sided opening}

    Simply empty out all the Tissues, remove the plastic from the boxes opening. On each side of the box, cut out slits big enough to slip a belt through. You can reinforce the corners with duct tape, if needed.
  • Step 2

    How to Play: Put on the tissue box and secure using the belt. Make sure the box is resting just above their bum. Fill the box with Legos or {8 ping pong balls}. Set the timer for one minute. Then have the player jump, wiggle and try to shake out all of the Legos or balls out of the box before the timer runs out.

    It's hysterical and so much fun to play!

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