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Menu Planner (& free printables!)

My mother-in-law says the worst part about cooking is having to figure out what to cook. I agree! With a Menu Planner that includes the Weekly plan, as well as an Idea section, you’ll never spend time guessing again!

The blog post tells you how to create your own, tips for use, and includes free customizable printables.


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You Will Need...

  • Paper, printer, post-it sticky tabs, and laminator or self-sealing laminating sheets.
Estimated Time:


  1. Jocelyn Bostock
    Jocelyn Bostock

    How do I print this off? It looks awesome.

    • Laurie Turk
      Laurie Turk

      Hi Jocelyn! The link has been updated so you can print them out. Just click “continue reading on my blog” and the printables are listed.

  2. Kristie Anderson
    Kristie Anderson

    Am I missing the instructions to create this colorful work of art? Please advise…thanks!

    • Laurie Turk
      Laurie Turk

      Hi Kristie! The link has been updated so you can click on “continue reading on my blog” and it will take you to the post with the free printables.

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