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Milli Umizoomi Costume

Here’s the Milli costume I made for my 4 yr old daughter, she doesn’t look it but she LOVES her costume, all she wanted to be since spring was Milli for halloween.

Made completely from scratch the only pattern was a modified one for the dress, I had to make the print on Spoonflower and the pattern for the cap by hand.

You Will Need...

  • Cotton printed fabric, bias tape, ribbon, felt, McCalls pattern 4006 for the dress.
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Sorry for the lack of tutorial, I'm literally only a few days away from having my baby and getting done was higher on my list than the tutorial, I'll get one in here when things aren't so crazy.I used the McCalls pattern for the dress but I modified it by using the size 3 on top and size 6 for the bottom and just adjusted from the underarm down for a stronger a-line effect.

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