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Most effective tactics for cleaning your vacuum cleaner

Are you about to throw your vacuum cleaner out and buy a new one? Wait! Did you check if it needs cleaning? Sometimes vacuum cleaners have this problem after all you use them to suck out the dirt from your home into them, but vacuums can get dirty and need cleaning, just like all other appliances. That is why, if you have not been cleaning your vacuum regularly and it has problems now, first you need to check if it needs cleaning, which it probably does if you have never cleaned before. You would be astonished at the number of people who quickly throw away their vacuums as soon as their sucking power decreases, and buy a new one. But with a regular maintenance, you could prolong your vacuum cleaner’s life and save yourself some money.

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  • Step 1

    Open up your vacuum cleaner and empty the bag, this should preferably be happening somewhere outside and not in the house. The bag should be emptied when it is 2/3 full, and not completely full, make sure to do this more often to keep your vacuum safe. Or if your vacuum has a canister, empty it and wash it properly, leave it to air dry completely before putting it back on your vacuum.
  • Step 2

    Another effective way to check your vacuum cleaner for clogging and to fix it, if there is any, is to use scissors to cut any hair or strings that might have tangled and clogged your vacuum. They usually tangle up in the beater bar, and this is usually a huge problem for people who have long hair, carpets or pets.
  • Step 3

    What else you can do is check the filters, and change them if they need changing. Filters can get dirty or clogged as well, check the filter and clean it if you can, if not get a new one. Unclogging or cleaning the filter is easy and quick to do.
  • Step 4

    And most importantly to ensure the proper maintenance of your carpets, you should clean the brush. It goes around your entire home and collects a variety of dirt, bacteria and debris. And the best way to clean the brush is to use another vacuum attachment, or simply remove the brush from the vacuum and use that one to vacuum it. It will get rid of the hair, grime and dust on the brush.
  • Step 5

    Also, apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad of cloth and disinfect the bottom of the vacuum head. It collects germs from one place in your home and spreads them everywhere. That is why you should wipe it regularly so that you have a peace of mind that you are actually cleaning and not just making things worse. And make sure to check the tube for any debris clogging it. Sometimes bigger things, whether sucked on purpose or not, can clog the pipe and make it seem like the vacuum cleaner is not working.
  • Step 6

    And of course, damp wipe your entire vacuum cleaners. Assemble your vacuum and try again. Works, huh? Well, yeah, this is what happens when you clean your vacuum cleaner. It works. Just like all other appliances. With a regular cleaning and maintenance, your vacuum will not need replacing anytime soon. All you have to do is spend 15 min once a week, or once every two weeks and clean it thoroughly, just to be sure it will keep on working properly.

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