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Most Unique Places to Perform a Wedding Ceremony

Wedding day is everyone’s special occasion and the happiest day of their lives, which is why couples try to make it even more memorable by choosing some of the most unique destinations to tie the knot. From exotic islands, gorgeous waterfalls, romantic parks to elegant venues and simple places, there is a perfect place for everyone.

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    Paris Wedding

    When you say romance, we can’t help but think about Paris. Considering it has the epithet of the most romantic city in the entire world, it’s no wonder so many couples choose precisely this destination for their big day. Great music, delicious wine and romantic atmosphere is what will accompany the happy couple on their wedding day at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The most famous sight of the Paris is available for weddings, so feel free to choose exactly this place and enjoy the gorgeous view while saying, “I do”.
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    The Romance in the Vineyards

    The place that will provide you with an unforgettable experience is definitely Tuscany. Be one of those unordinary couples and have your wedding in the amazing vineyards of Italy. The breathtaking scenery of rolling hills will make your wedding more special than ever. With the delicious food and drinks Tuscany has to offer, we guarantee you will have the memories for a lifetime if you tie the knot there.
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    Tying the Knot in Australia

    The most famous building in Australia, and one of the most significant and widely recognised structures in the world – The Sydney Opera House – poses a unique place in the world, which is available for weddings. Wedding at the Sydney Opera House will be located overlooking the harbour, with the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge as a dramatic backdrop. Aside from this place, Australia offers many other wedding places including wedding venues in Sydney. Choose some of these fabulous venues and have the wedding you will remember for the rest of your life.
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    Princess Style Wedding

    Castles have become extremely popular wedding places for numerous couples, including various celebrities. Thanks to its timeless elegance and serene landscape, Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin was the place of David and Victoria Beckham’s posh wedding. Taste the feeling of royal life by spending the happiest day of your life right in the ancient walls of Luttrellstown Castle, and create unforgettable memories. Furthermore, Ireland offers various other castles, so feel free to say, “I do” in this gorgeous country. Whether you chose Ballyseede, Cabra, Dromoland, or Ashford Castle, your wedding will be a truly remarkable experience and will pose a true rarity.

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    Volcano Wedding

    One of the most unique weddings is absolutely the one that would be performed under a volcano. Costa Rica is one of the perfect places for having this type of wedding. The Arenal Volcano will offer you a unique, romantic and distinctive wedding of them all. Luxury settings in Tabacon present lush tropical gardens, flowing steamy hot springs, and the mysterious rainforest that surrounds the property. The Volcano offers the perfect backdrop to a memorable occasion. If you decide to have a wedding at Tabacon Costa Rica, you can choose from simple yet elegant event or even luxurious affairs for large parties.

    Costa Rica is not the only place where you can get hitched near a volcano. Hawaii also provides you with the opportunity to experience the unique feeling of this extraordinary wedding. A peaceful quiet lush green tropical rainforest is the best place for a wedding ceremony. What is more, the black lava fields in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which are overlooking Kilauea Crater, represent the most active volcano sites in the world, so it would be the best destination as well.

    Volcanos, rooftops, waterfalls, caves, castles, vineyards and so many more fabulous destinations make our planet exotic, amazing and desirable for wedding ceremonies. It will not be easy to choose just one of these fabulous locations, but whichever you decide that suits you the most, it will without a doubt provide you with the abundance of wonderful memories which you will cherish for a lifetime.

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