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Outdoor Lawn Twister Game {how to make}

How to make an outdoor twister game board on your lawn for a fun adult and/or kid party game. This is a fun outdoor game that’s easy to play and quick to make.

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You Will Need...

  • Cardboard
  • 4 colors of yard paint
  • {I used Inverted Marking paint from Rust-o-leum spray paint}
  • Dinner plate to trace
  • Ruler/yardstick
  • Printable Game Dice {or make your own spinner}
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    To make the circle stencil ~ Use a large piece of card board {I used a 24 pk Diet Coke box}, and trace the dinner plate in the center and cut out circle. The circle itself can be used for the spinner.
  • Step 2

    Decide on a flat large area of the yard.
  • Step 3

    Place the stencil box in the upper left hand corner and paint your first color row.
  • Step 4

    Each circle should be 6 inches away from each circle on all sides.
  • Step 5

    Paint 4 rows of 6 circles.
  • Step 6

    When I to do this again, I would change the order of the colors so they show up better on the grass to: green, red, blue, yellow. Let it dry overnight.

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