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Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrubs are easy to make, package adorably and are good for your skin! Plus, they are the perfect holiday homemade gift! Here’s an easy-peasy, Peppermint sugar scrub recipe (with a FREE printable tag) that’s perfect for gift giving this holiday season!

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You Will Need...

  • white sugar, vegetable oil, peppermint oil, red soap colorant, ribbons, containers, printable tags
Estimated Time:
  • Step 1

    Mix Together {this recipe fills 3 of the craft containers I have pictured} 2 cups white sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 3 droppers full of peppermint oil {I purchased mine for $4.99 from Michael’s. You can find it in the soap making section} approximately 20 drops of red soap colorant (I purchased a pack of 4 colors at Michaels for $4.00)
  • Step 2

    Free Printable: http://sevenclowncircus.com/2012/12/peppermint-sugar-scrub.html#

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