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The Princess Apron Tutorial

The idea for this project came out of sheer frustration with the flimsy store-bought princess dresses. The ones that start to fray and fall apart after several washings. The ones that really aren’t made to be worn day in and day out. I wanted something sturdy. Something that would hold up through many washings and something that could be passed down to little sister, Ruby. After looking online and not finding what I wanted, I decided to just make it myself. The protege was our Snow White Play Apron. It was such a success that I couldn’t wait to make more, but with a few adjustments. These aprons are easy on, easy off. Perfect for quick changes and bathroom breaks.
I created a tutorial for the basic apron that can be used to make 6 different princess aprons. It includes step by step photo instructions and a PDF printable of the cutting measurements and apron applique patterns.

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