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How To Work In a Good Workout With A Busy Life

Trainer Momma is back with practical ways to get a good workout whether you’re a busy mom or a working woman.  Last week we learned how to eat well and get control of our health and today it’s all about how to exercise!

Kids. Home. Work. Carpools. Meals. Grocery shopping. Play dates. Diaper changes. T-ball practice. PTA meetings. Church commitments.

So, you are crunched for time.  Of course you are!  You are a woman!

When the heck are we supposed to fit in a good workout?

Well, good news here. As proud owners of two X chromosomes we already possess the skills to work in a good workout. It’s simply a matter of directing our multiple, feminine talents to this area and WHALA! Awesome workout done!

A Good Workout

Family sport - jogging with baby stroller
Photo Credit: www.fotolia.com

Plan ahead.

We meal plan. We plan play dates. We plan vacations. We plan Star Wars birthday bashes for 20 five-year-old boys. We can also plan our workouts each week as well.  Literally writing our cardio, weight lifting, and recovery workouts on the family calendar will help ensure they will happen.

Get creative.

Whether we are sewing an adorable apron, painting stripes on our child’s bedroom wall, or hosting a meal for twelve — we’ve got some serious creative juices, sister! Now the next time a wrench is thrown in our workout plans, we’ll make that creativity work for us. The run didn’t happen?  No problemo. Ride your bike with the kids after school.  Your baby is sick and can’t go into the childcare at they gym?  Easy — pop in a workout DVD at home.

Multi-task It.

Multi-tasking is survival. Just because we are away from our usual exercising environment doesn’t mean the workout is a bust.  It’s an opportunity to do something new. When soccer practice is going on, use that hour to strap the baby in jog stroller and go for a run. If swim lessons are in full swing, there is always the other end of the pool where you can swim some laps. When the kids are playing at the park, you can use the equipment to do some pull ups, step ups, and throw in some sprints in between.

Wheel and Deal

If we are good at anything, it is snagging a good deal.  When I had my first child, my husband and I came to an understanding: I could survive my new job of motherhood if I got my workout in everyday. Although he was swamped with medical school, he agreed to stay with the baby for one hour each morning (from 5:00 – 6:00 AM) no matter what. If your spouse can’t help with holding down the fort, then join a gym who offers childcare or swap childcare with a friend or family member.

Being a woman does come with many pressures, responsibilities, but we have the benefits of possessing many skills and talents as a result. We can put these to good use by being able to problem solve, think outside the box, and make awesome workouts be a part of our daily life.

Tip Junkie Fitness Series:

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Feel free to ask Mandi any fitness or exercise questions you might have!  You can leave your question in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.

IMG_2704_2Mandi Reading is the author of Trainer Momma at www.trainermomma.com, a fitness and nutrition site for busy women and their families. Trainer Momma dives head first into the nuts and bolts of effective exercise, and provides healthy recipes that you will actually want to eat, and endless ideas on how to work in the workout.  She is a fitness and nutrition writer, speaker, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant specializing in weight management. Her favorite workouts include doing wind sprints to catch her three children, running stairs with armfuls of dirty laundry, and impatiently watching her core as expand as Baby #4 develops (due in the fall!).


  1. Emily @ LaForce Be With You

    This is a great post! Thanks for sharing! Really looking forward to next week’s topic.

  2. Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia

    Boy, did I need to read this today!!!!! Love how you are plainly saying to us all, “just do it.” It’s as simple as that. Plan, plan, plan!

  3. mandi

    It’s what we do best… Plan everyone’s schedules and lives. We might as well scheduled in as well!

  4. mandi

    No prob. Good luck with the workouts. The weather is starting to turn the corner, and that often is what we need to get our mojo back.

  5. mandi

    Yep – next week will be good stuff. I hate it when I eat, then am hungry 30 minutes later.

  6. lindsey

    Thanks so much for sharing this post! I needed this motivation and encouragement.

  7. Jill Anderson

    Thanks for the tips on fitting in a good workout. I really needed it. I kinda got out of my workout routine because I just couldn’t find the time. No excuses anymore. I am going to get back in shape!

  8. Kay

    I like the idea of multi tasking,

  9. Michelle

    Loved this post! Today was one of those days for me when everything was going against me it felt to get a workout in; sick kids, rain day, etc. But after the kids were finally sleeping I was able to get a great workout in, and I feel 10x better about the day!

  10. mandi

    I have been known to use my toddlers as hurdles when I’m running at the the park.

  11. mandi

    Yeeha. It is precisely THESE days that we need that workout. If for nothing else but to reduce stress!

  12. mandi

    Good for you, Jill! I always think, “Nobody can do this for me.” It’s the one thing we can’t buy, order, or pay someone to for us.

  13. Lindsay McAlester

    This mommy needs the stress reliever! I schedule it in as much as possible! 🙂 So then when I do not feel like going…doesn’t make me feel bad. Personally I feel better when I get my workout in!

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