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37 Best April Fools Pranks {for home & office}

April Fools Day is April 1st and coming up quickly.  Here is a mega list of 37 of the best April Fools pranks that you can do at home or at the office!  These April Fools jokes are hysterical and family friendly and great for laughs.

April Fools

april fool mock tv dinner

April Fool’s Cupcakes– Mock TV Dinner – How to make this darling and extra yummy chicken dinner, veggies, and cupcake complete with recipes.

April Fools Pranks
Fools Meal Menu – Dessert is what’s for Dinner….APRIL FOOLS! Here are recipes for a fun theme for a family dinner “DONUT” know what it is”.

April 1st Cupcake – Make an apple look like a cupcake for April Fools Day.  Here’s the recipe and how to make it.

Ground Beef & Mashed Potato Cupcakes – Actually our dinner contained ground beef and mashed potatoes and the food colored pretzel salt only looks like sprinkles.

April Fools Day Recipe: Is This Really a Bowl of Cereal?Did we fool you? Did you think that’s a bowl of cereal and milk in the photo?  It’s really cauliflower soup with garam masala-spiced toasted-Os cereal!

april fools day food

Could’ve Fooled Me: April Fools’ Day Recipes – Trick your friends on April Fools’ Day with these fake-out desserts complete with food pictures and recipes.


April Fool’s Cupcakes– Mock Spaghetti and Meatballs – The meatballs looked so realistic, it was almost gross! The added bonus of this recipe was that the cupcakes tasted so good with the extra strawberry jam. They looked and tasted great!

Sneaky, trick-egg and bacon – All you need for these sweet eggs and bacon are white chocolate chips, yellow M & M’s, caramels, and Tootsie Rolls.

April Fools’ Cake Recipe – This recipe is the so easy to put together and is so tasty it will be requested more then just on April Fool’s day. Made with pizza sauce and pizza crust.

April Fools Pranks

April Fools Pranks

Make jello look like juice – Pour your favorite flavor of Jello into drinking glasses and insert a straw in each glass. Let set in the fridge. Your kids will say “huh?”

15 April Fools’ Day Pranks – Fifteen Silly, kid-friendly ways to have fun with your family this April 1st.

Put a ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard

Family Fun April Fools Ideas

Family Fun April Fools Ideas

creapy april fools food ideas

Freaky Food Recipes – While she’s not a fan of pranking people on April Fools Day, there is one tradition she LOVES to continue with her kiddos.  It’s the freaky/crazy/surprising food choices of the day!

Aprils Fools At The Office

Aprils Fools At The Office

  • Balloon cubical – The benefit of working with good friends means some healthy trickery at the office when this day rolls around like balloon cubical or newspaper desk.
  • Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks – On the eve of April Fools’ Day, when you’ve got local network access to your coworkers’ and family systems, cubicles just crying out to be filled with packing peanuts, and webapps that can do all sorts of things automatically, there’s no better time to baffle, confuse, perplex, and just plain mess with your loved ones and associates.
  • At work, pop the keys off computer keyboards and switch them all around.

Office CSI Crime Scene for April Fools Day

  • Office CSI Crime Scene – construct a murder crime scene with fake crime scene tape and a person marked out on the floor. This prank will have your whole office laughing!
  • Find a box about the size of a cake. Then cover it with frosting, making it look like a cake. Then put it out in the office kitchen, or wherever people leave free food. Sit back as people try to cut themselves a slice.
  • Go to husbands and move his car to another parking lot so he’ll think it is stolen.
  • 23+ Crazy Funny Cubicle Pranks – Creative and hilariously funny images of cubical pranks for April 1st.

More Jokes you can do:

  • Serve things backward; dessert first or breakfast for dinner.
  • Use large bowls and utensils to eat with.
  • Stretch Cling Wrap in the doorway of your front door – when the kids come run in from school they bump into it.
  • Sneak into your victims bathroom and fill their hair-dryer with baby powder. When they turn it on, their head will be pure white just like an old person!
  • Get a small alarm clock and set it for 3:00 a.m. Put it under the victim’s bed so once it goes off they won’t be able to find it.
  • Stuff shoes with tissue paper down in the toe so you can’t get them on all the way.
  • Make good use of a rubber cockroach or spider.
  • Switch out food in wrappers in your child’s lunch.
  • Switch out drawers in dresser.
  • Switch out cereal in cereal boxes for breakfast
  • 8 April Fools Practical Pranks
  • Kids April Fools Prank Ideas
  • April Fools Day Pranks

What jokes are you doing?  We’d love more suggestions.  If you have a fun April Fools’ Day prank over on your blog, we’d love to see it! Feel free to leave the blog link in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page or right here in the comments, and I’ll be happy to find it and upload it for you! {{I’ve got your back!}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. Randi

    I was just thinking about something to do to my kids this year … I like to do something simple but fun every year. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

  2. Christina

    Laurie, Some of these are too funny! I am the prankster, almost every year I get my hubby on something, like the park the car in another parking lot, may try that on vacation which starts April 1st, he’ll lose his lunch, because it’s going to be a rental, or I’ll use one of the other ideas, truly great! ~Christina at http://www.creativetizzy.blogspot.com

  3. Cathie

    This year I am going to dip cotton balls in chocolate to make them look like candy for my co-workers. Also going to get some Oreo cookies, separate them, scrape out a bit of the filling in the center and refill with toothpaste then put back together. The last thing I can’t wait to try is I am going to put a note on my co-workers car that says, “sorry I hit you” she will go crazy looking for the damage that isn’t there.

  4. ClassiclyAmber

    Hehee~! These are some fun ideas~!

  5. Laurie

    These ideas are fantastic! {{snicker}} April Fools is such fun day.

  6. Theresa

    One I did for work and for home was scrape out the cream filling in oreo’s and replace it with toothepaste! Set them out on a plate for all to take one. LOL it was too funny!

  7. Amanda

    A friend did the Oreo trick when I was in jr. high and shared them with our English class. Some of the boys did not even notice!! Ick.

  8. angie {the arthur clan}

    We LOVE April Fools Day around here Laurie…I can’t way to try a few of these out on my kids! Hee!!

  9. B

    Thank you so much for this post! I did the TV dinner cupcakes on National TV dinner day and the meatloaf cake on April Fool’s. I wasn’t sure what to do this year, but I’m loving that pizza cake and the “donuts”!

  10. Amy @ Living Locurto

    I Love these ideas!

  11. Jolene

    Great ideas!!! I think i will be doing some of these pretty soon!!

  12. Half Past Eight

    I love these ideas. I do a food activity with the kids at the hospital where I work each year. They love it. We did the bacon and eggs idea last year. It was great and looked so real!!! I will have to try some of these others out!

  13. Aimee

    Thanks for adding the link to my website! Like I said on my post, my kids were not amused by the litter box cake!! I love the cupcakes and other ideas you shared, too!! : )

    Aimee @

  14. Angie- Bigbearswife

    Thanks for all the April Fools Ideas 🙂 I made the TV Dinner Cupcakes for my dad for his birthday last year. 🙂

  15. Jen

    I love this! So creative (:

  16. kelly

    a group of us pulled a prank our our supervisor when he went on vacation, we wrapped everything in foil and placed his “stapler” it was an imposture in a thing of jello. then we covered his whole desk with dixie cups filled with water so that he had to empty one at a time. there were a few stapled together so he had to make sure he didnt get into a rhythm

  17. Adrian

    Wow, some of those office pranks are really elaborate. For people who have a little bit less time, here’s an easy one. Take a blank piece of paper, put a paper clip on it and run a bunch of copies. Then take the copies and put them back in the paper tray. Now, watch your co-workers go crazy trying to figure out why the paper clip is showing up on all their copies!

    No jokes for us tomorrow. We had a layoff today (2 of my co-workers), so I don’t think anyone is in the mood for silly jokes right now.

  18. Angela

    Those are fun. I’m not done with pranks yet but last night before bed I covered bunnies car with googly eyes stuck on with vaseliline. Lol, he took the time to pick each one off before leaving 🙂

  19. iphone 4 covers

    oh wow, i love the idea of making food look like other food. this is great, thanks for the post

  20. Amy

    One of the best April Fool’s jokes I’ve ever pulled off was when I took the top pair of underwear in each person’s drawer and stitched the legs closed! It was priceless, listening to yells coming from down the hall as each person jammed a foot in that didn’t go through!

  21. butt


  22. Jill Blevins

    I didn’t see this one listed but I’ve used it several times. Take regular kitchen sponges, cut them in petit four size. Cover them with icing (I used already prepared because it was easy). Decorate.

    They look beautiful. My favorite time to use this was in a office department where everyone brought in different kinds of food for the group, and also loved to play tricks. Just set them out for everyone, sit back and watch what happens.

    It was pretty darn funny.

  23. Kathy Lee

    oh what a wonderful job you did! how creative!

  24. Phoebe

    if someone thats a boy lives at your home well he is asleep put lipstick on him i did it to my dad

  25. lYNDSAY

    um…..well….ya..HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!2012 GONNA BE THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!

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