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Baskin Robbins Chick Cake

TEN $31 Baskin-Robbins Gift Card {closed}

Random Winner Collage

Random Winner Collage

Congratulations to our lucky winners! #110, Jessica; #48, Weizguyz; #15, Trisha; #138, Eneoplace; #68, Callie; #36, Amybreed; #19, Kathleen; #8, Cake Whiz; #144, Smmellen; and #90, Buncobuddy!

Just in time for Spring, Baskin-Robbins has hatched the cutest Chick Cake ever, and to celebrate, I’m giving TEN Tip Junkie readers each a $31 gift card to Baskin-Robbins!  Simply comment to enter to win!

Baskin Robbins Cake Image

The too-cute-for-words Chick Cake makes the cutest centerpiece, and it tastes delicious, too.  You can have it made-to-order at your local Baskin-Robbins and let your guests enjoy some ice cream cake goodness after they are wowed by your table scape.

Want to win a gift card so that you can buy a Chick Cake?  Comment to Enter to win!

Baskin Robbins Chick Cake

Enter To Win

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite ice cream flavor.  

Three Extra Entries: {completely optional}

  • If you are on twitter, you can even earn an extra entry for sharing this tweet with your followers. Example Tweet:  “Enter to win 1 of  TEN $31 @BaskinRobbins GC #giveaway #chickcake  http://bit.ly/10lD9Bu Comment to Enter #win Pls RT”

Contest ends Tuesday, March 19th at midnight CT!  Only open to US Residents.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 9.30.54 AMA special thanks to Baskin-Robbins for supplying the gift cards to Tip Junkie readers!!!


  1. Saveone83

    Mine is Chocolate.

  2. Saveone83

    I tweeted on 3/11 @saveone83

  3. Saveone83

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  4. Marcia26

    Our Favorite flavor is Stawberry Cheeese & Mint Chocolate Chip

  5. Redpearls

    This is an adorable cake! My favorite flavor is mint chip (or maybe black cherry)! My daughter would LOVE this cake.

  6. cakewhiz1

    oh how cute!
    my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolat!

  7. cakewhiz1

    i obviously follow tip junkie and baskin robbins on facebook too 😀

  8. Janiece Burgess

    I think this little chick is awesome! Favorite Ice Flavor…if I had to choose it would be Burnt Almond Fudge. Our closest Baskin-Robbins is about 40 miles away, but a must stop place for sure.

  9. Janiece Burgess

    I like BR on FB and you know I like Tip Junkie!

  10. Marce

    I love Strawberry!

  11. Margie Visnick

    I love strawberry cheesecake flavor!

  12. Trisha Novotny

    I love world class chocolate

  13. Trisha Novotny

    Tweeted from @247moms

  14. Trisha Novotny

    Like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  15. Trisha Novotny

    Like Baskin RObbins on Facebook

  16. Kathleen Weber

    I love anything with peanut butter cups in it! And as long as it doesn’t have cookies (I am gluten free) I think it is fair game! 🙂

  17. Kathleen Weber

    I like Baskin Robbins on facebook!

  18. Kathleen Weber

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook!

  19. Realcoake

    Looks so cute and yummy! Hope I win…my girls would love this. My favorite flavor, I am now allergic too…that is a big BOO! So, now my favorite is Pralines and Cream.

  20. Realcoake

    Thanks for the giveaway! I follow Tip Junkie on facebook – I follow as The Real Thing with the Coake Family

  21. Mami2jcn

    I love Butter Pecan!

  22. Mami2jcn


  23. Mami2jcn

    I like Baskin Robbins on Facebook as Mary Happymommy.

  24. Mami2jcn

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook as Mary Happymommy.

  25. Talitha Palmer

    My all time favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip!!!

  26. angie

    cookies and cream

  27. Dixieraemoore

    chocolate chip cookie dough!

  28. Janking3

    Rocky Road

  29. Dawname

    I love good old fashion coffee!

  30. Dawname

    I tweeted!

  31. Dawname

    I liked you on Facebook!

  32. Dawname

    Lked Baskin-Robins on facebook

  33. Amybreed

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is Butter Pecan.

  34. Amybreed

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  35. WinefredP

    Mint Chocolate Chip or Butter Pecan!!! It is a tie, maybe I should have some to make the decision! LOL

  36. Amybreed

    I like Baskin-Robbins on Facebook

  37. Mellisa Willis

    German chocolate.

  38. Janking3

    Tweeted @kingjan

  39. Janking3

    Liked Basking Robbins on FB!

  40. Janking3

    Liked Tip Junkie on FB!

  41. Hunter01


  42. Mrsdaphne

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…the centerpieces are darling!

  43. Weizguyz

    My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Cheep, Cheep 😉

  44. Weizguyz

    Definitely “Like” Baskin Robbins!!

  45. Weizguyz

    Love seeing TipJunkie posts on FB!

  46. AmishaMcDonald


  47. lisa mcfarland

    cookies and cream

  48. Chefang

    Liked Tip Junkie on FB

  49. Chefang

    Liked BR on FB 🙂

  50. Chefang

    Favorite is Jamoca Almond Fudge!!! Yum!!!

  51. Donna O'Neil

    I love caramel ice cream

  52. NotJustAMommy

    I love chocolate chip cookie dough!

  53. NotJustAMommy

    I liked Tip Junkie

  54. Jen Gerwig-Dively

    Penn State Creamery had an amazing autumn ice cream the other year that I’d love to see go mainstream. As for what I can get most places, mint chip would be one of my favorites.

  55. Jen Gerwig-Dively

    I’m a FB fan of yours.

  56. AmandaS

    I love cookie dough ice cream

  57. AmandaS

    i like baskin robbins on facebook as amanda sakovitz

  58. AmandaS

    i like you on facebook as amanda sakovitz

  59. may young

    I love any of their chocolate flavors at BR.

  60. may young

    “Enter to win 1 of TEN $31 @BaskinRobbins GC #giveaway #chickcake http://bit.ly/10lD9Bu Comment to Enter #win Pls RT”

  61. Callie Bowers

    Love the Baseball Nut Flavor! YUMMMMINESSSS!

  62. Callie Bowers

    Liked Baskin-Robbins on FB!

  63. Callie Bowers

    Been a fan of Tip Junkie on FB forever! Love your website!

  64. Kellyr78

    I Like Cookie Dough ice cream.


    Cookies & Cream…..hands down!

  66. Lisa Furtado

    What a cute giveaway!

  67. Theresa Kelly

    Chocolate has always been my favorite esp Rocky Road

  68. Laura Crocker

    Such an adorable little cake, and the Baskin Robbins in our town just opened!

  69. O Robles

    Praline Pecan, all time fave

  70. MathWhiz45

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream…there’s nothing better than chocolate and peanut-butter together in ice cream! :o)

  71. MsHartline

    One favorite? That’s too hard. If I have to choose one – it’s Eggnog.

  72. Peapod1216

    for everyday, my fav is strawberry but at Christmas, they put out an ice cream winter white cherry chocolate that is a vanilla ice cream with white chocolate, chocolate, cherries and it is to die for!! and of course, peppermint is also a favorite!

  73. Cindy Brooks

    Right now my favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate (limited edition made with Girl Scout Mint Cookies, yum!)
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  74. Cindy Brooks

    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  75. SJEmom

    Favorite ice cream flavor – mocha almond fudge
    (Tip Junkie and Baskin Robbins liked on FB)

  76. mary coleman

    Blueberry Cheesecake is my fav.

  77. mary coleman

    Like Baskin-Robbins on Facebook.
    Like Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  78. Kelli Smith

    My favorite from Baskin Robbins is their cookie dough! Best ever!!

  79. Becky Hooker

    Baseball nut, so good!

  80. Becky Hooker

    Liked baskin robbins on facebook

  81. AnneWF

    I want to give the gift card to my father. BR would be a real treat. His favorite is peanut butter and chocolate.

  82. Buncobuddy

    My all time favorite is Jamoca Almond Fudge! My favorite for 40 years!

  83. Cristina Lopez

    So cute!

  84. Jessicahanson93

    I love all ice creams! But if I had to choose… Butter pecan! 😀

  85. Jackie Sutt

    I love chocolate!
    Liked Baskin Robbins on FB
    Sharing so maybe a friend can win too.

  86. Neva Mayer

    Peanut Butter

  87. Jasonamy2006

    My all time favorite is cookies and cream….but i normally try a new flavor if i am having some. Sharing on FB and liking BR too 🙂 thanks

  88. Kitten1326

    I love cookies and cream or cookie dough!

  89. K.Murphy

    I love Fat Elvis Ice Cream

  90. K.Murphy

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  91. K.Murphy

    I like Basket Robbins on Facebook

  92. K.Murphy

    I tweeted about this giveaway

  93. Bea Lyons

    Baskin Robbins makes a Strawberry Cheesecake…and it is BY FAR the best tasting flavor ever! Unfortunately not every store carries it but when I do come across it I make sure to stock up! Perfect combination of vanilla ice cream, strawberry swirl with cheescake chunks…yummmmmm

  94. Susan-Wood

    My favorite flavor is Rocky Road.

  95. Susan-Wood

    I liked Baskin – Robbins on Facebook.

  96. Susan-Wood

    I liked Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  97. Rygsmom

    What a great giveaway!! My favorite ice cream flavor is Moose Tracks!!

  98. Jessica Warfield

    I love moose tracks or happy tracks

  99. Jessica Warfield

    I Like Baskin-Robbins on Facebook.

  100. Jessica Warfield

    I Like Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  101. Melissatell

    Chocolate ice cream; so predictable – so delicious!

  102. Melanie @ Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts

    Birthday cake!

  103. Melanie @ Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  104. Tami McDaniel

    I like pralines and cream S/F ice cream as my favorite flavor. tfs Tami

  105. Tami McDaniel

    I “Like” Baskin-Robbins on Facebook. tfs Tami

  106. Tami McDaniel

    I “Like” Tip Junkie on Facebook. tfs Tami

  107. Tanya92076

    Loving the new reese’s buzzer beater!

  108. Anne Freitas

    BR Moca Java 100%

  109. Anne Freitas

    as Anne Marie Freitas

  110. Anne Freitas

    as Anne Marie Freitas.. forever ago LOL!

  111. LoriD

    My favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor is Chocolate Fudge Brownie but I remember when we were kids we’d always go for the bright blue Daiquiri Ice, LoL

  112. LoriD

    I like Tipjunkie on FB

  113. LoriD

    I like Baskin-Robbins on Face Book too!

  114. StaceyRenee418

    My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry cheesecake, yum!


  115. StaceyRenee418

    Like Baskin Robins on Fb – Stacey Bic.


  116. Cherylosaurus

    I like Baskin Robbins on FB!

  117. Cherylosaurus

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  118. Cherylosaurus

    Butter Pecan!

  119. Quiltmore

    chocolate mint! And we have a new Baskin-Robbins a couple of blocks from my house. Yeah!!!!!

  120. Quiltmore

    i also posted a tweet!

  121. Roseizworski

    cute cake I want some!

  122. Kelsy Johnson

    My favorite ice cream flavor is birthday cake! The ice cream is better than the real thing!

  123. Eneoplace

    My grandson’s favorite flavor is mint chip! And it’s his birthday this week!

  124. Eneoplace

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  125. Eneoplace

    I like Baskin Robbins on Facebook, too!

  126. Eneoplace

    I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  127. Rachelle Brancato

    My favorite flavor is Peanut butter and chocolate!

  128. Rachelle Brancato

    I already like TJ on Facebook!

  129. Rachelle Brancato

    I like Baskin Robbins on Facebook

  130. Smmellen

    My favorite flavor is chocolate fudge.. YUM!!

  131. Smmellen

    I like Tip Junkie on FB..

  132. MsEastie

    My favorite is pistachio, and I tweeted for three extra entries. Thank you!!

  133. Wendy Byde

    My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip! 🙂

  134. Wendy Byde

    I also tweeted about the giveaway! I’m @UptownDisneyGal on twitter! 🙂

  135. Wendy Byde

    Oops…I forgot to post the link to my tweet…https://twitter.com/UptownDisneyGal/status/313984462549569536 🙂

  136. Wendy Byde

    I “like” Baskin-Robbins on Facebook! Wendy Baron Byde

  137. Wendy Byde

    I “like” Tip Junkie on Facebook Wendy Baron Byde

  138. Janellzabeth


  139. Janellzabeth

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  140. Wendy Fuller

    Looks yummy!

  141. Wendy Fuller

    I like TJ on FB

  142. [email protected]

    “Enter to win 1 of TEN $31 @BaskinRobbins GC #giveaway #chickcake http://bit.ly/10lD9Bu Comment to Enter #win Pls RT”

  143. [email protected]

    Depends on the mood…1st is Vienna Mocha Chunk (coffee ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it), but a close 2nd is pistachio.

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