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20 Amazing Boy Party Themes {party ideas}

Today I’m featuring 20 of the best birthday cakes for boys as well as party ideas and creative themes for party games for boys.   As always, the Tip Junkie Party blog has HUNDREDS of first birthday party cake and party themes so you can always search there if you’re looking for something in particular.


Birthday Wishes

Mud Run Birthday Party

1.  Mud Run Birthday Party – Inspired by the Warrior Dash, an obstacle course for the boys. It was awesome. It was planned for boys…no coordinating decorations, no handmade bunting…just dirt, mud and competition. The party favors were plastic insects the boys had to dig out of a pool of mud. Little Man Tea Party

2.  Little Man Tea Party – A fun mustache party that boasts some really cool but inexpensive decor.  I just adore the face plates. HA!

Little Red Car Party

3.  Little Red Car Party – What an amazing party with every detail covers.  The red, white, and blue color theme is especially perfect for this time of the year with 4th of July being right around the corner. Go Kart Party

4.  Go Kart Party – This birthday is featured in three parts the dessert table, craft and dinner table, and lastly go kart racing.

Birthday Cakes For Boys

5.  Army Men Party – There are so many fun things about this party but my favorite is that the invitation is a canteen!

6.  Mario themed party for all those gamers – There are many cool details to this party but check out the two piranha plants that hold fire balls. {snicker}

7.  Science Party – Amy threw such an amazing science party complete with how to make these fantastic cupcakes and free printables.

8.  Monster birthday party – Several fun monster crafts and activities to do for an entertaining monster birthday party.

Airplane Party

9.  Airplane Party –  Oooh I just love this party, the colors, the light blue balloons inside the clear balloons, and that fabulous airplane cake.  Darling! Safari Adventure Party

10. Safari Adventure Party – I cannot get over the animal cut outs for this dessert table.  Holy Moly it’s fantastic! A Happy Camper Birthday Party Theme

11.  A Happy Camper Birthday Party Theme -Right out there in the middle of the campsite wilderness was a lovely little burlap table  covered with goodies to entertain the kiddies.

Birthday Cakes For Boys

Cowboy Birthday Party

12.  Cowboy Birthday Party – An over-the-top cowboy birthday party with all the western bells and whistles.  Even a horse!

13.  Farm or Barnyard Birthday Party – The cow plates, photo props, and felt banner are just darling!

14.  Boys Vintage Birthday Party – Handmade hair bows, bow ties and party hats help create a sweet theme for a first birthday. Clever idea to “clothes pin” the bow ties and hair bows on the bulletin board.  Meredith Eisele put together an amazing woodland vintage theme for her cutie pie little guy. Robot and rockets Birthday party

15.  Robot and rockets Birthday party – Most of the decor is actually items we’ve been collecting for months that will become part of his Robot Big Boy Room. {love that!}

Party Games for Boys

Party Games for Boys

16.  Toy Story Birthday Party -The dessert table is so fun.  The cake is out of this world! Plus kids pretending they are hamsters…fantastic!

17.  Rockets and Aliens – I just adore all of the details that went into this party.  Especially the dusters made into aliens.  Too fun!

18.  Monster Truck Party – For the party activity I chose a monster truck obstacle course.  Kids were invited into the “Friesen Arena” and had to complete an obstacle course full of different activities that were similar to what a real monster truck might do during a show.

19.  Red Scooter Birthday party – With fun games like the scooter decoration station and pin the wheel on the scooter, this party is set up for nothin’ but fun!

20.  Science Themed Party – A darling kid scientist birthday party complete with fun activities and decor.


More Sports Birthday Parties:


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  1. Adena

    What great ideas!! After I had two girls, I had three boys. It has always been harder coming up with themes for the boys that hasn’t already been done a thousand times!!

  2. Melissa

    Awesome ideas, my son would love them all. I will have to keep these in mind for Oct. for his bday party. TFS.
    Melissa D

  3. Laurie @ Gallamore West

    I loooove seeing great ideas for BOY parties!!! Thank you soooo much for featuring Jake’s Red Scooter Party among all these amazing parties!! Happy 4th Birthday to Tip Junkie! 🙂
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  4. Melanie

    My kids would kill themselves on that obstacle course string arrangement, but all the rest is right up our alley…I have two boys with birthdays one month apart (a June and a July) and I will definitely be stealing an idea or two for their combined party. Thanks, hon! Me likey.

  5. Theresa

    I’m just thrilled to be featured among all of these amazing parties. You made my day:)

  6. FoxInFlats

    Wow I just LOVE this! I’ve got two little boys and we have just started talking about the next party (Um, it is late September but that’s soon for a 5 year old!

    Just thinking about the ‘warrior dash’, and might do it down at the local national park…how about some of these things as additional activities:
    – taking them on an exploring hike where they get to collect things along the way like treats & lollies (like those noisy whistle pop lollipops)
    – finding a basked off eggs and letting them throw them at a tree (man they would LOVE that)
    – see how far they can throw rocks into the water
    – give them a whole lot of bread to feed the ducks
    Exciting! And best of all, not at home…

  7. Kara

    You forgot the Wild Kratts Parties. I blogged my son’s party and It is my #1 hit post. close to100 hits a day from random google searches people do for Wild Kratts Birthday Party… There is no merchandice out there yet for the popular PBS show so I had to do it my own way and people are hitting my post like crazy!


  8. Diane

    My son turned 3 a few weeks ago. With a winter birthday I had to get creative. I hid plastic snakes in our basement and we had a Snake Hunt. The kids absolutely loved it!

    More info about the party at http://braxtonheldt.blogspot.com/2012/01/3-year-old-birthday-party.html

  9. a grown women who still plays in the mud if thats

    oh shut up if you walk in to any store department store or party store you will find ten girl items to every one boy item. I am happy to see something label boys cakes or boys parties. No one is gender typing its just harder to find things for little boys stop being stupid

  10. Tamara

    I think these are great ideas for a party. I don’t think that these parties are specific to boys though. I have nieces who would love many of these themes. Let’s stop adhering to society’s idea of boy vs. girl.

  11. Dottie

    Diego party for 3 year old boy

  12. Jennifer

    These are all great themes. But I have two boys and any amount of work I put into a theme and making everything to go along with it is wasted if there is not something fun to actually do. I have found that my kids don’t care much about sticking to a color scheme and making coordinating decor, etc. (except for the treats of course). They would much rather DO something fun, so that is where I put my time and money (I can’t do everything!). So I think that the game ideas and science experiments are most useful.

  13. enas

    my son birthday his name is jawad i want help for his birthday decoration and he want’s carstoon cake design this is third birthdy plz help

  14. Maria

    For my son’s birthday we do everything about Mickey and even entrusted a song in cancionespararegalar.com (If you don’t know it, you should, it’s useful) when “Mickey” sang for him. He’s 4 years old, so he thought it was a personalized song made by Micky Mouse.

  15. Mariana

    These are all great ideas! I love all the though that goes into each theme. I find it incredibly hard to come up with ideas for boys and this just has it all! Keep it up!

  16. Melissa

    Any ideas for a boy who loves cow trucks. Fixing to be 11 and wants cowtrucks

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