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  1. Mamade

    Thanks so much for these dual kid bedrooms. They have given me a few ideas. We just found out we have a boy coming along for #3 and he’ll have to share with his older brother – 8 years difference. If you stumble across any baby/older child type bedrooms I’d love to see. *Mamade

  2. Erin Strittmater

    My Children (girl 8 & boy 5) share a bedroom and we did a Mermaid, Pirate, undersea theme in their room. I painted the walls blue to look like water and a mermaid and merman on one wall with undersea creatures and a treasure chest. They love it!


    Three Boys, One Bedroom: I like this one because of the bare wood 🙂 It reminds me of Scandinavia. Wood doesn’t always have to be painted or stained dark.!! Good post, thank you.

  4. Laurie

    Oooh Erin – That is the perfect theme for a boy/girl shared room! I’m so glad you took the time to share that with is. If you have a picture, feel free to upload it to the Facebook page. I’m sure we’d all love to see it.

    Laurie {Tip Junkie}

  5. Get Cake Stands

    Love the rustic bedroom! Even as an adult I feel like I can fully appreciate the charm and the coziness it has. The bunk beds are precious as well. What a lovely collection of ideas! ?

  6. Tammy

    Hi Laurie.

    I have a need please! I have boy girl twins. I have the little tykes princess bed, which is pastels. And then the Thomas the train bed which is primary.

    How would you implement that in one room. I can gladly send pics of the bed..

    I’m stuck. Please help!!

  7. Lacey-Rose

    Hi, I love these idea’s as at the moment I’m planning on changing my room around, I don’t have a big room & there’s a double bed, mid-sleeper & a cot! So I need to make more space & ideas for the boy & girl. Loved the Nursery room, so cute! & well if I win the lottary I would have to have a room lie the one from 9. Six Darling Bunk Beds Ideas. Well I thought I would say ‘Hi’. I love making stuff & u can’t check these out on my blog.! xx

  8. Sue

    Thanks for all the ideas. They’ll come in handy as I design our spare bedroom for our grandchildren~boys and girls:)

  9. Trooppetrie

    how inspiring. We recently were blessed with 2 new additions. They are blessing and i am thrilled. The only problem is that now three of my girls are sharing a room. They have plenty of space but i cannot figure out how to decorate there room. What great ideas

  10. NLS

    Love the one with the built in bunk beds and ladders…need a lot of space and probably money to pull that one off though. One of the key ingredients for a shared boy and girl room is to separate the space as much as possible. Adding a half wall or even just a curtain in between the room is a big help. There are also a lot of tall screens and room dividers on the market that can help as well.

  11. Marie

    I really like the built in bunkbeds that look like cubby holes in the wall. I wish I could provide something like that for my son as he would love it so much. These are really beautiful ideas and it has inspired me to do something for my 4 year old.

  12. Michelle

    Cute ideas but some of those bunkbeds / beds hanging from ropes look slightly dangerous….what happens if the kid rolls during the night!

  13. julie

    Hi i love the first pic of the bedroom with the white beaded looking beds…do you know where they can be purchased? I’m working on a shared boys and girls room and would love those beds! Thanks so much!

  14. Ashley

    I LOVE the closet turned crib area’s color scheme, and the hanging doilies are brilliant!

    I also love the built in bunk beds! I have six kids, so we know ALL about bunk beds!


  15. sage


  16. Katie

    i am 25 year old living in uk. My oldest kid was born in march 2010 and my son was born in october 2011, in a few months time he will have to move in with his sister in a 16 foot x 12 foot bedroom.

    But the thing is we live a ground floor flat and i want to decorate their room with their private area so im thinking of a big wardrobe with draws, new beds with under neath storage and a open book case that they can both use. I want their names all fancy on the wall but i cant draw to save my life and i cannot think what theme to do please help me

  17. Amanda

    Most of these bedrooms I see on here seem like they have larger square footage, which does not seem realistic for our family. We have 3 boys and 1 girl, and are in a century home. We cannot just put up our house for sale to move. All the bedrooms are smaller than average. To squeeze all three boys in one room is difficult because you have to take into account storage and money which we do not have. We have tried putting our youngest boy and girl together in one room and there is barely any room. We can’t seem to win either way. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

  18. Tracy Miranda

    Hi Laurie,

    I was wondering if maybe you could put up some ideas for a nursery. I am having a baby and I’m not a very creative person. I’m really having a hard time finding things I like on the Internet. Sorry, I’m getting a little frustrated.

    Tracy Miranda

  19. dillards bedding

    I was truly mesmerized with all those bedroom, bed, mattresses, and beddings. It is very captivating for anyone’s eye. I think more kids would go to bed early if their bedroom set-up is as stunning as these.

  20. tapequeen

    I have a twin brother and we shared a room for 2 years. We had a brown bunk bed, that was like one that had the head board on the wall, and the top one had the whole side. I had a pink clown picture and my brother had blue. The walls were baby blue, and we had a blue and Pink chair and basically we had the same things mine pink and brown and blue and yellow.

  21. GiddyNiddy

    Laurie, these are such great ideas for kids rooms. Especially like the painted headboards and the doily decorations for girl’s room.

  22. Jennifer

    I Love this room!! I wondered where you got the lanterns or where you might reccomend we find…would be just the touch for our beach room.

  23. Marilyn Woodard

    Don’t know the date of your post, so hope this is helpful. I don’t think you really need a theme. Kids outgrow them rather quickly. I think a color scheme that can transition to older ages is a good idea. I like a neutral on the walls with colors provided by accessories. For instance, grey walls, curtains, valance, bedspreads could be stripes or prints in bold primary colors or a gender neutral pastel palette. Each child’s interests can dictate details like pillows and artwork. For the names, look online for wall stickers that can be personalized. Or ask at your local high school for a talented student who would love to earn a little cash.

  24. Marilyn Woodard

    Your solution would seem to be custom bunk beds. I’m betting that you know people that can help you do this if you don’t feel competent to do it yourself. There are plenty of plans available online. Just keep searching until you find something that looks do-able. I’ve seen lots of testimonials about brother-sister roommates that show it can work. I would probably put curtains on the bunk beds and give each a reading light, maybe a book shelf between the wall studs, so they each have a private place. Fill one wall with beds & storage under the bottom bed so you have the rest of the room for a work table & chairs & other storage.

  25. rema

    i love room girl

  26. rema

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  27. sophia

    heyy laurie wat up you have good room ideas

  28. Claire Cassar

    Hi Laurie

    You have great and brilliant ideas for boy and girl room accesories! I was finding it very hard to decorate the room for my kids. Is it possible to give me some suppliers from where i can buy duvet covers, curtains and other accessories please? and they can ship to Malta (European Union)?

    Thanks for your help

  29. Lilliane

    My eight year old Boy/Girl twins looked at some pictures and we designed the room PERFECTLY they love it and are comfortable in it. These were REALLy cute and helpful ideas!

  30. Kids Shared Bedroom

    Kids shared bedroom could be the best idea for people with young kids and limited space in their home.
    Thanks for this great ideas…

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