Coke Float Push Pops

Chanda Nielsen
Coke Float Push Pops If you haven't tried out the push-pop craze yet, jump on the wagon!  They are lots of fun.  And this yummy recipe i… continue reading

Garden Cake Tutorial

Erin  LaVallee
Garden Cake Tutorial This cake is fantastic for a summer garden party or darling as a Peter Rabbit cake for Easter. The cute colorful ma… continue reading

Hot Cocoa Donuts {Recipe}

Chanda Nielsen
Hot Cocoa Donuts {Recipe} We've all had hot chocolate with our donuts, but have you ever had hot chocolate IN your donuts?  Yum!  This r… continue reading

Homemade Twix Cake

Chanda Nielsen
Homemade Twix Cake If you know someone whose favorite candy bar is Twix, this would be the perfect birthday cake!  Make sure to read thr… continue reading

Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Chanda Nielsen
Guitar Hero Birthday Cake This birthday cake totally rocks {pun intended}!  Everything on the cake it edible (with the exception of the … continue reading

Giant "Cake Pop" Cake

Chanda Nielsen
Giant "Cake Pop" Cake This post literally made me laugh out loud.  With cake pops and brownie pops being all the rage right now, who wou… continue reading

Chocolate Fluffernutter Cupcakes

Chanda Nielsen
Chocolate Fluffernutter Cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes filled with marshmallow and topped with rich peanut butter icing!  These treats are … continue reading

Fruity Pebbles Treat Cake

Chanda Nielsen
Fruity Pebbles Treat Cake This is a fun and yummy alternative to a traditional birthday cake.  It is also great if you are entertaining … continue reading

Hot Cross Buns {Recipe}

Chanda Nielsen
Hot Cross Buns {Recipe} Hot cross buns are a traditional treat this time of year.  This recipe includes currants and a touch of sweet fr… continue reading