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Disney Princess Paper Dolls

Chanda Nielsen
This is a great tutorial for printing your own dolls and cutting them with a Silhouette machine. She goes into detail about how to take… continue reading

Batman and Spiderman Learning Activities {Printable Games}

Chanda Nielsen
These educational games are made fun with superheroes the kids will love. They teach simple concepts like following directions, before/… continue reading

Toddler Emotion Puzzles

Chanda Nielsen
Here are some cute printable faces that you can cut into puzzles for your young toddlers. Not only will it refine their senses, but you… continue reading

Kindergarten Level Sight Words Printables

Looking for some extra help with teaching your children their sight words? Check out these hands on, fun sight word printables for Kinde… continue reading

free printable Halloween countdown

Sandra MeinLilaPark
Halloween countdown, free printable. Use it as fun decoration on your office desk or as a whisical obotber gift for kids and playful gro… continue reading

Teaching Time Clock Printables

Chanda Nielsen
Teaching Time Clock Printables Whether you are a teacher or a mom getting her little ones ready for school, these handy teaching numbers… continue reading

Printable Summer Bucket List

Chanda Nielsen
Printable Summer Bucket List  The Summer is flying by and will be over before we know it.  If you are still looking for things to do wit… continue reading

Printable Kids Writing Stationary

Chanda Nielsen
Printable Kids Writing Stationary This blank template is perfect for kids wanting to send a letter to a loved one.  It is black and whit… continue reading

Printable Math Flash Cards

Chanda Nielsen
Printable Math Flash Cards Although there are lots of new learning techniques out there, sometime you just can't beat the good old class… continue reading