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13 Family Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and I felt like I couldn’t let it pass without featuring family Halloween Costume Ideas. When my boys were little, we had a theme each year. Now they’re too old and have all kinds of opinions and refuse to cooperate. However, if your kids are still into it, here are some fun ideas.

Halloween Costume Ideas

I think Wendi did such a great job with their families pirate costumes! What a fun Halloween Costume Ideas. Arrr!

Teach & Tickle’s family is amazing in these Incredible costumes. My friends family did this a couple years ago and it was seriously so fun.

I thought The Suite Life of Zach and Codi’s costumes were too cute: ketchup, mustard, and a hot dog baby. I love this fun Halloween Costume Ideas and theme.

How cute is that baby parrot! The Fortune Family also had these family costume suggestions:

  • A bird and birdwatchers
  • A chick and a chicken and rooster
  • Any domestic animal and farmers
  • A football and football players
  • A bag of money and bankers
  • A jockey and a horse

Michelle Can Knit outdid her self with these Oompa Loompa costumes.

I really like Bring It Home’s military theme. My boys would go crazy if I suggested this one. {{wink}}

Lollipop Guild (from the Wizard of Oz)
Originally uploaded by ndlora

I found Lollipop Guild (from the Wizard of Oz) over at Craftastica’s blog. She also said her sister’s family did the “dukes of hazzard” one year. That would be fun.

Since I had a hard time finding inspiration, I’m resorting to some from Halloween Express, Superman, Elvis Family, Teletubbies.

I thought these ScoobyDoo costumes were cute.

Grease – also a good couple costume idea.

These Dr. Seuss costumes cracked me up!

I love a family theme and did it for a couple years. Here’s our Blue’s Clues tribute.

I searched and searched and these are all I could find. So go through your blog archives or old photos and if you have a family themed Halloween costumes, use Mister Linky to link to that direct post! This way everyone can be inspired and get more ideas for unique costumes this year.

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  1. mommaof4wife2r

    ok fabulous fabulous ideas. hubby and i did jack and jill one year, but the version of them once they fell down the hill. the costume was a crown for hubby, a pail for me and signs that said jack (for him) and jill (for me. it was fun.

  2. ehjenn

    Cute ideas. I haven’t dressed up for years but these ideas make me want to. Love your blog by the way. I have 4 girls so this year I thought about doing a little group of Arabian princesses. We ended up going with 4 little witches. I’m a little obsessed with the whole theme halloween. I also love to dress them the same for church. Seriously I need a 12 step program to stop. My 8 yr old is probably going to be ruined for life. Sorry about the novel. Have a great day.
    Jenn E

  3. Kelipso

    I am in LOVE with the Oompa Loompas! Those are just fantastic. I’m still waiting for some brilliant idea for our costumes. So far, we’re going to be cookies and milk. Not sure if I’m sold on it yet though!

  4. Bree

    I’m definitely taking note of all the fun couple/family ideas! My husband’s family started an annual Halloween party last year and it’s already become a big deal to see who can come up with the best costume…and keep it a secret til party night. Last year we were a Rocker Family (see link) and we’re looking forward to this year! ūüôā Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  5. Kendra

    Love your Blues Clues costumes! I am big into the family costume thing! Fun to find others who are too!

  6. Kimmie0270

    We cant find blues clues anywhere… did you make those costumes? What a great idea!

  7. Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe

    I LOVE these family-themed costumes. Great idea. The “incredible family” made me smile too.

  8. MotherToMany

    My favorite costume site has been http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/ I was able to find a super simple Thomas the Tank costume Idea that didn’t even involve cardboard!

  9. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    The Hot Dog Family was way too cute!! Thanks for all the cool tips!

  10. sdwaard

    I love looking at all the different ideas. It always gets me thinking!

  11. Lesa

    Thanks for getting me thinking about all the fun costumes! What a fun idea.

  12. Markay

    When my youngest daughter was 3 she wanted to be Tinker Bell. So I dressed up as Wendy (I wore a night gown and carried a stuffed bear) and my husband dressed up as Peter Pan. I thought it was adorable, but he got made fun of by some friends at a Halloween party and didn’t dress up for Halloween for 5 years because of it! Make sure your man can handle wearing green leggings!

  13. Caryn Dewey

    We had a halloween party tonight and one family did a, “Fruit of the Womb,” theme. One child was a banana, another grapes (purple balloons), another was a fruit fly, etc. The Mom wore the sign saying, “Fruit of the womb.”

  14. Shyann

    My family has done themes in the past including Toy Story, Disney, and Food. But my blog is private. Is there any way I can add just a picture or do I have different options to show off our costumes?

  15. Robyn Lynn

    For my toddlers first time out on Halloween at 18 months, he was Winnie the Pooh and I was Tigger.

  16. Fernando

    Here in Brazil we use this costumes just for Carnival, in Halloween (that is not popular) we just use Scary themed costumes.

  17. Alisha

    Last year my husband was the Burger King and my 2 year old was a Whopper Jr. It was soooo cute!

  18. Michael Drops

    Those are great ideas. My kids love blues clues.I think I will have to try and go fo it.

  19. S Club Mama

    We’ve done Charlie Brown/Snoopy/Woodstock, Wizard of Oz, Superheroes, and this year it’ll be Super Mario Bros.

  20. Addie

    I just thought of this for next year (a little too late unless I was completely gungho! That and we already have our little man’s monster costume!) Family Circus!! My husband would be the ring leader, I would be the star performer, and our little guy would be an elephant!!

  21. Naomi

    Saw some great ideas for Halloween Costumes on PInterest. LOVE this family Elf themed costume. Buddy the elf, Jovie, and a Christmas tree for baby! Too cute!

  22. Naomi

    Here’s another creative (and mostly DIY) costume I found! Dyed batting pink to make cotton candy, then simply used a clear trash bag to make it look like a bag of cotton candy. The cotton candy hat (or stick) is poster board rolled into a cone with a piece of elastic attached to the bottom to hold in place. The peanut costume for the toddler was purchased and the Cracker Jack’s box was a blown up picture of the Cracker Jack’s simply spray glued onto an old moving box. For pictures click here: http://teiganandtaylor.blogspot.com/2010/11/take-me-out-to-ball-game.html.

  23. Simon

    Wow i think the winners have to be Teach & Tickle’s family with thier amazing Incredibles costumes they really look the party, someone should do an elf costume one. Iam definitely taking notes here of all the fun couple and family ideas for one of my blog posts, oh and great Scooby Doo costumes you really have a very informative site here so thank you
    for sharing my passion oh and of course thanks for the plugins.

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