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Halloween Phantom

Leave this note on the door with a plate of Halloween goodies. Print Phantom Version 1 on Orange paper. You can quickly print out both of these poems at ExecutiveHomemaker.com.

Halloween Phantom (Version 1)

The phantom haunts you happily from now through Halloween.
And was delivered by a friend who (hopefully) was not seen.
The spirit of the neighborhood has come to wish you well.
Someone, somewhere selected you to receive this happy spell.

You must display the phantom on your door so all can spy.
That you’re already haunted by this happy little guy.
Now, fix 3 sacks with goodies like the ones given to you.
Ring someone’s bell and leave a treat and make them happy too!

Halloween Phantom (2nd Version)

The phantom ghost has come to town
To leave some goodies… I see you’ve found.
If you wish to make this a happier fall…
Continue this greeting, this phantom call.

First, post this phantom where it can be seen
and leave it there until Halloween.
This will scare other phantoms who may visit —
Be sure to participate, don’t be fis bidget!

Second, make two treats, two phantoms, two notes like this,
Deliver them to two neighbors who may have been missed.
Don’t let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt,
and make sure they put their phantom ghost out.

Next, you have only one day to act, so be quick!
Leave it at doors where the phantom hasn’t hit.
Deliver at dark when there is no light…
Ring the bell and run — and stay out of sight!

and last, but not least, come join in the season.
Don’t worry, be happy… you need no good reason.
Be cool, have fun, and remember — don’t be seen!
By the way, here’s wishing you a Happy Halloween!

You can quickly print out both of these poems at ExecutiveHomemaker.com.


  1. Bridget

    Our ward does this every year. I don’t even know who starts it but it is a lot of fun!

  2. Anonymous

    I would like to use the first one but the grammar is incorrect. Is there anyway I can fix it before printing?

  3. Tip Junkie

    Yes, it is also in a Microsoft Publisher file which can be edited. If you’ll tell me the error I’ll fix it so it will be correct from here on out. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    I didn’t mean to sound like the Grammar Goddess! Really..

    In the first poem the ‘you’re’ should be used instead of ‘your’ in the line “That your already haunted by this happy little guy.”

  5. Lacie

    I love this idea! I am getting soooo excited about all the holidays coming up!

  6. Tip Junkie

    I fixed the “you’re” but I didn’t have that font uploaded anymore. I had to use a different one, for now. When I have a little more time I’ll upload that font and fix the .pdf file. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to use this idea. We have some new neighbors on the street and it will be a great way to help them feel at home.

    I wish I had more computer knowledge and I could do this myself but you obviously have that talent!

  8. Shaka

    i like this idea. i’ve seen it done before. i wonder if my neighbors would participate! the only way to know is to try it right!?

  9. Kristi

    I LOVE this idea!!!

  10. ReminisceHeirlooms

    I love this Laurie! I will be printing it for sure! Thanks!

  11. Amanda

    I love it! I’m definitely trying this one out!

  12. Steph and Eric

    i love the poems. i will be using one of them tonight for a family activity. thank you. thank you.

    hmm. . . and i’d like to disagree with the grammer correction mentioned above. it is currently correct with the you’re. (my husband and i are both english majors and the you’re is dependent upon the word haunted. . .blah, blah, blah)

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