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How To Be Organized Using Printables ~ $150 Giveaway

Clean mama makes valuable Printables to teach you how to be organized!  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m {all over} tools and tips to stay organized and save time.  That’s why the printables offered by Clean Mama are so appealing to me, and I thought that would be to you, too!

With this in mind, I’m giving away THREE {$50} gift certificates to Clean Mama Printables so that three of my valued readers can benefit from some good old fashioned time savings through organization!   As always it’s so easy to enter to win a {$50 Gift Certificate},  simply comment below.

About the Printables:

All printables are in PDF file format – to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.  They are digital files so once the order is finalized, you can print your pdf files as many times as you want for your own personal use.

Here are some of Clean Mamas most popular Printables:

Enter To Win!

To enter to win, simply comment below with your best time savings tip!
{any comment will do as I want to make sure this is easy}

Get Three Bonus Entries: {completely optional}

  • If you are on twitter, you can even earn an extra entry for sharing this tweet with your followers. Example Tweet: $150 worth of Printables  from @cleanmamablog. Comment to enter! http://bit.ly/lQgYmn Pls RT 
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**Be sure to let me know what bonus entries you did in a separate comment for each one.

Contest ends Monday, September 26th at midnight CST!

P.S.  And because I love to hook up my readers, here’s a code for 20% off your order! Just use coupon code: 20TIPJUNKIE.


  1. Kay

    Multitasking! :p

  2. Anneliese

    With number 3 here at the end of the week, i really need something to help get me organised. 🙂

  3. Melissa McLarney

    OH! I could so use these! I am super organized at work but at home….not so much. Like two different personalities. Would love to win this!

  4. sandra callahan

    I am a big time listmaker – printables are a wonderful help.

  5. Bev

    This is fabulous – love the PDF’s so I can use what I need

  6. Bev

    I tweeted

  7. Pam

    not very original, but lists are helpful

  8. Bev

    Longtime “like” of Tip Junkie on FB

  9. Pam

    I like Tip Junkie on FB

  10. Bev

    I “liked” Clean Mama on FB

  11. Autumn Brandon

    to save time; I stop and get the mail on my way out to pick my son up from school (and stash a few other things in a bag like paper and pens) then , while i am waiting for him, i read through mail (there is always a bag for trash in the van) and i also create my meal planner for the week, make grocery lists, etc anything that will allow me more time to focus on my family once they are all home. if there is ever one thing that is ALWAYS on my “to do” list….it is to spend more quality time with my family. thanks.
    (oh, and i liked clean momma on FB)

  12. Ashley

    I already like Tip Junkie on FB

  13. Natasha

    With three little ones and a deployed hubby, I need all the help I can get with organization!!! lol

  14. Ashley

    I liked Clean Mama on FB.

  15. Courtney H

    Having my kids clothes, breakfast, lunches, etc ready for school the night before is a BIG time saver in the morning!

  16. Cara Dube

    I make lists, although I am terrible with follow through.

  17. Cara Dube

    I follow CM.

  18. Cara Dube

    I follow TJ.

  19. annie

    I like tip junkie on fb.

  20. annie

    This give away is awesome.

  21. NatalieH

    Set a timer! Gets everyone moving quickly!

  22. katrianna Latchman

    a monthly calendar to easily check and never miss anything important!

  23. Jessica T

    Menu planning!

  24. Carrie

    This would be awesome!! I could use all the ehlp I can get 🙂

  25. annie

    Liked cleanmomma on fb. 🙂

  26. Jennifer

    I make school lunches the night before. Also, laying out everyone’s clothes the night before saves a TON of time.

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook.

    I like Clean Mama!

    3 Entries… Thank you!!

  27. linda

    every time i leave a room i scan it first to make sure nothing is there that doesn’t belong there & i have a special spot in the kitchen where i leave items that i have to take with me when i leave the house ( to make sure i don’t forget them) 🙂

  28. Linda Ford

    I stick to lists to stay organized and get things done!

  29. Linda Ford

    I already “like” Tip Junkie on facebook.

  30. Linda Ford

    I just “liked” Clean Mama on facebook.

  31. AndreaY

    I am in the middle of making a home management binder. These printables would be a great addition to it!

  32. Jenny A

    Lists, lists, lists!! Having it visually there to see is SUCH a big help. These printables would help even more!

  33. Jenny A

    I already like Tip Junkie on FB.

  34. Jenny A

    I just liked Clean Mama on FB.

  35. Jenny A

    I tweeted. @Jascraps

  36. Cheryl

    I like to put things away as soon as I’m thru using them. It keeps things organized and I know exactly where something is next time I go to use it.

  37. Candace

    I use laundry baskets to keep the house organized. I bring one with me and scan the room for clutter. If it doesn’t belong, I put it in the basket. Next room I go to, I bring it with me and place the appropriate items in that room and clear the clutter there. By the time I’ve gone through each room, the house is picked up and everything is put away!

  38. emily

    thanks for offering this giveaway.

  39. Teri Cooper

    I love this giveaway! Thanks TipJunkie!

  40. Teri Cooper

    I like TipJunkie on fb. 🙂

  41. Teri Cooper

    I like Clean Mama on fb! 🙂

  42. Tracy

    Set a timer for 15 minutes! You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in 15 minutes!!

  43. Netta

    I could REALLY use these. I’m on my feet at work (that’s 8 hours!!!), so . . . when I come home, I’m beat . . . LITERALLY. Could use some help. Can anyone explain to me why I’m organized at work and not at home? Why do I feel like I’ve got to keep EVERYTHING? ~ I already “Like” Tip Junky, now I’m going to “Like” Clean Mama.

  44. jamie

    STACK AND ATTACK!! Make a routine 1 day a week of all errands and chores..

    most of this is from Maria Menous Book “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life”.. I Highly recommend it!!

    EX of stack and attack..
    Saturday morning
    laundry, bills, bank/target/cvs as early as possible!! (less lines), dry cleaner, finish laundry, clean, workout (I listen to my Nursing School Lectures here–bonus study time!)..
    Try to find ONE SHOPPING center with ALL stops

    Sunday evening..
    -Set out a weeks worth of outfits
    -Pre-make all lunches for the week

    – MAKE INVENTORY LISTS FOR ALL AREAS OF YOUR HOUSE! That way when it is time to shop you can just grab your lists with what you need already marked!
    -Keep warranties taped to the back of item (plus copies in a file)

    Many Many more in her book. Oh it was so helpful!!

    Laurie you know that you are “liked on my facebook”.. and I now “like” CleanMama!

  45. jamie

    Double Facebook Likes!!

  46. Susan

    My time saving tip is to have a shoe basket in the hall closet and have the kids take off their shoes right when they walk in the door. This way you never run around searching for shoes.

  47. Leigh Anne Lawrence

    I love Tip Junkie!

  48. Kaci Johnson

    To do list are a must for me!! I also “liked” Tip Junkie and Clean Mama on FB!

  49. JPrice

    I make grocery lists, and paybills online while in the car pick-up line at my daughters school. Already like tipjunkie on FB and just liked clean mama.

  50. Gail

    The days that slide right on by because, well….life happens, are the days that turn out so hectic and scrambled with no direction.Like everyone and everything is pulling you in a different direction, playing with your thoughts and saying “me first, No! me over here, Um…excuse me but I’ve been on the to-do list the longest, I’m the loudest squeeky wheel front and center, Well….is’nt this is the perfect time to have a diva moment?, and to top it all off…..your dryer decided to permanently take an early retirement.” Anyone else ever feel like that? I really need to be organized!

  51. Karla Tiburcio

    I want to start a cleaning list and have no idea where to start and this will help me a ton 🙂

  52. Karla Tiburcio

    I like TP on FB

  53. Katie

    Lists – Lists and more lists! Can’t live without them. To keep your bathtub and shower clean almost all the time…. keep Scrubbing bubbles near the tub. As soon as you get out (after you’ve dried off – lol) spray it down – walls, and everything. Then while you’re brushing your teeth, shaving, etc. let the scrubby bubbles do it’s magic. Then a quick rinse before you head out – got an extra minute wipe the walls down with an old towel – your walls will be spot and soap scum free. This little trick keeps you from having to spend an hour scrubbing things down and it’s always clean for the next person that gets in.

  54. Susan

    I “like” clean mama now too.

  55. Katie

    Liked Tip Junkie on FB – there’s not a LOVE button or I’d press that one!

  56. Karla Tiburcio

    I tweeted

  57. Karla Tiburcio

    I like Clean Mama on FB

  58. Katie

    Liked Clean Mama on FB

  59. Kathaleen

    I liked, Tip junkie and subscribe to emails.

  60. Kathaleen

    I tweeted your special contest

  61. Ann Oliver

    Post it notes are a must for me, at work and at home! Although, I still could use help from Clean Mama , as I was not born with the gift of organization! Thanks Tip Junkie for this giveaway!!

  62. Kathaleen

    I liked, Clean Mama’s FB.

  63. Kathaleen

    I think I would like a stater kit, I like post it notes for reminders but I am afraid I get carried away with those!

  64. Cheryl Van Wagenen

    I try to do everything in order so I am not running back and forth between areas- this goes with errands, grocery shopping, and cleaning.

  65. Cheryl Van Wagenen

    I like tip junkie on facebook

  66. Erin

    I have lists for everything…need them to survive.

  67. Sarah

    Wiping down the bathroom sink and mirror every time I wash my hands makes it stay neater longer!

  68. Cheryl Van Wagenen

    I like Clean Mama on facebook.

  69. Erin

    I like tip junkie on FB

  70. Erin

    I like clean mama on FB

  71. bryssy

    Do a 15-minute pick-up every night before bed!

  72. sue

    How have I been around and never seen these before? Oh, I’d love to win!

  73. Erin

    I tweeted too!

  74. sue

    I have “liked” clean mama now. And I LOVE’d you a long time ago!

  75. Carolyn russell

    I need any help I can ge with organizing. I liked it on Facebook!

  76. Kaylynne

    This is for me!!! Help! I keep reading how to get organized…but not “doing”. Something physical in hand would make the most sense for me. Thanks a bunch!

  77. Kaylynne

    I am a Tip Junkie Subscriber and have “liked” Tip Junkie on FaceBook. Thanks again! =)

  78. Kaylynne

    I also “liked” Clean Mama on FaceBook. Yay!

  79. Sandra F

    The only tip I have is one that I try hard to do but don’t always remember after a hectic day. Before we put our son to bed we pull out some clothes for the next day. He gets to choose what to wear and it takes a little time so he thinks he is delaying bedtime while he is really saving me time in the morning.


  80. Melissa Lynch

    I have to make lists in order to get things done!

  81. Melissa Lynch

    I liked TJ on FB!

  82. Kristy Grosfeld

    Best tip to stay organized….when you label your storage, it’s easy to find.

  83. Cat

    My best tip is to multitask. Wipe counters while you brush your teeth. Make your grocery list while you wait for the water to boil. Keep a notebook in the car and jot down to-do’s while you wait at a really long light. Find ways to use those ‘spare’ moments throughout the day.

  84. Cat

    I tweeted

  85. Cat

    I follow Tip Junkie on FB

  86. catie litle

    i try to make sure i only make one trip to the store a week. so when i think about the things i need through the day i write them down, at the end of the week when i go, i have everything already written down, so i know exactly what I am going to get. Then when at the store I just start with one end of the store and go thru to the other, so im not going all over. it’s cut down at least two hours per trip!

  87. Tonia

    Focus on one room a day…

  88. Tonia

    I “like” Tip Junkie on FB..Love this website. I have gotten so many ideas from it and can’t wait to try them!!!

  89. Kaitlin

    I have a daily planner, one side is the week and the other side is blank for to-do’s. I put general to do’s on that side and then sort them into the days. I like writing them all down so I can order them so that I’m not running all over the place. I hate when you go to a store, and then later in the day realize you needed something else in the area!
    I liked tip junkie, clean mama & tweeted!!

  90. Moni

    Cleaning tip: clean a but at a time and or when in a certain area for a while clean you will be suprized how fast and easy it is… Thanks you working so hard on tip junkie…I enjoys some of the great finds on here…

  91. April H

    Ooooh. I’ve been saving my pennies for these printables for a long time! I hope I win! My best tip is plan plan plan ahead! Obvious, I know, but I kick myself every time I DON’T do it!

  92. Moni

    Liked on FB!

  93. April H

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  94. Eve

    Best Time Saving Tip? I’m laughing to myself, because if I had one, I wouldn’t have been so excited to enter for a chance to get my life organized. Hahaha.

    But when my mind has a few moments away from being a mommy, and a professional working woman, I make a priority list that consists of sticky notes- on the left side are Important To-Do’s, and on the right side of the notebook are Things To-Do (that can wait). As I complete the tasks on the left side, I throw that sticky away, and move one over from the right side to the left. Just something that I have found to be helpful.

  95. April H

    I like Clean Mama on Facebook!

  96. Eve

    I follow Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  97. Jen Sullivan

    I would love to win this! With 4 little ones at home I want to stay organized. It’s the staying part that’s hard!

  98. Eve

    I follow Clean Mama on FB!

  99. Moni

    Liked Clean Mama on FB

  100. heather g

    yay! help with my fall decluttering campaign!

  101. Ashley

    I know it sounds obvious, but don’t hit the snooze button. You’re not getting good sleep, just sleep that will make you more tired. Get up with your alarm if you have time to snooze it you have time to set it later and get good quality sleep.

  102. Tara

    Im working on my home management binder right now.As a newlywed,and mom to a young one I have to write out my plan of attack or it will get swept to the back of my mind.Do you want fog free bathroom mirrors?Clean them with old school white puffy mens shaving cream.Works sooooo well!

  103. Tara

    I like tipjunkie on facebook.

  104. Tara

    I like clean mama on fb.

  105. Tara

    Tweet a holic here,so of course I tweeted this.Check out @TaraDLainSumner

  106. Sarah

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  107. Sarah

    I keep two plastic bins in my girls closets. One is labeled with the size they are right now, so when it dosent fit anymore I put it in that bin for the next girl to wear. The other one is the next size up, so when I find cheap things on clearance for the next year I put it in that bin!

  108. Amanda Boettcher

    I already “like” Tip Junkie and loving it! also I will “like” clean mama too!

  109. Donna

    Can use all the help I can get. I love Tip Junkie and all the links to all the amazing bloggs, sites, printables…Oh My!

  110. Carla

    I put out our clothes to wear, pack our knapsack and place things I’ll need for the next day by the door the night before, so I don’t forget things, and the morning goes smoothly. (Ha!) Goes smoother.

  111. Carla

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  112. Carla

    I like Clean Mama on FB!

  113. Heidi

    Fantastic giveaway!

  114. Laura

    Get things ready the night before to avoid a rushed morning.

  115. Heidi

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  116. Michelle

    Each one of my kids has a laundry basket with their names written on them. As I fold laundry, each kiddo’s clothes goes into their own laundry basket for them to carry to their room and put away.

  117. Laura

    I like Tip Junkie on FB.

  118. Laura

    I like Clean Mama on FB.

  119. Heidi

    I like Clean Mama on FB, too!

  120. Shallyn Bartlett

    I am a homeschooling mother of 5 children and go to school myself. Now that my kids are older and have after school activities, I constantly forget what happens each day. I need help being organized with my time!

  121. Michelle

    I liked Tip Junkie on Facebook!!

  122. Michelle

    I liked Clean Mama on Facebook!!

  123. Kasey

    Oh..I love organization!! Thank you for the giveaway!!! 😀

  124. Kasey

    I am already a HUGE fan of Tip Junkie on facebook!

  125. Kasey

    New fan of Clean Mama!!!

  126. Jenn Mariscal

    Best time-saving tip…leave a notepad hanging on the fridge. Write down grocery items as they come to mind throughout the week. When shopping day rolls around, grab your list and go.

  127. Jenn Mariscal

    I LIKE Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  128. Dana

    I love using clear storage bins. It helps my kids and I see what goes where!

  129. Jenn Mariscal

    I LIKE Clean Mama on Facebook.

  130. Alicia B.

    I have 2 laundry baskets for folded clothes… kids room and our room so that when I’m done I place the basket in the room and everyone puts their stuff away!

  131. Jenn Mariscal

    I tweeted about Clean Mama on Twitter.

  132. Alicia B.

    I tweeted about this giveaway @thathautemom

  133. Alicia B.

    Already a (obsessed) Fan of tipjunkie of Facebook

  134. Alicia B.

    became a fan of clean mama

  135. Hadiyah L.

    I love your blog. Just sayin! 🙂

  136. Hadiyah L.

    I “like” Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  137. Hadiyah L.

    I “like” Clean Mama on Facebook tooooooooo

  138. Lori

    I am already in a whirlwind cleaning / organizing frenzy. These would be AWESOME to help me STAY organized!!! Love you Tip Junkie!!!

  139. Jennifer

    I like Clean Mama and Tip Junkie on FB. I try and go thru the mail daily and sort it so it doesn’t pile up. I put the junk mail in the recycling, bills in a To Be Paid folder and other stuff to be handled in a Need To Read folder.

  140. Elka

    I like on facebook

  141. Elka

    Clean as you go really saves time

  142. Karolyn

    I love Tip Junkie…..follow you via Google Reader

  143. Laura b c

    Meal planning for the week and sticking o it has helped me.

  144. Christie L

    Love the giveaway. Starter kit looks awesome.

  145. Christie L

    Like Tip Junkie on facebook.

  146. Laura b c

    I likE tip junkie on fb.

  147. Laura b c

    I likE clean mama on fb.

  148. Kirstin Boeken

    Time Saving Tip: I buy sheets with stripes on them. It helps me when making all the beds I always know the stripes run from head to foot! I hate guessing and then having to flip the direction after getting one side on 🙂 Makes making beds a little easier 🙂

  149. Kirstin Boeken

    I Like you on Facebook!!!

  150. Cassie

    My biggest tip for myself is to just do it now and don’t put it off. If I put it off then it builds up and makes the work even harder and longer.

  151. Cassie

    I like you on FB!

  152. Cassie

    I like Clean Mama on FB!

  153. Carol

    I “like” Tip Junkie on FB. THANKS!

  154. Jenny S

    My best timesaving tip is to pick out my outfit the night before. Of course, I only do this about once a week, so I am running late the other 4 work days, but hey! No one is perfect, right?! Maybe with these printables I’ll be one step closer! ; )

  155. Kasey R.

    My time saving tip: basically all I do when cleaning is to get my 4-yr old involved. I try to make a game out of cleaning and wiping windows and she love it. Helps me to get things done quicker with 4 hands!!

  156. Marci

    My time saving tip is to pick up each room as you are in there, when using the bathroom in the morning, give it a quick tidy before leaving.

  157. Ramonita

    I so want these sheets specially to organize the bills!!

  158. Rhian

    I don’t think I have a great time saving tip to share but I love reading everyone elses!

  159. Kim

    OMG! I try everday to GET organized! My husband & I have a SMALL cottage house…then we took in our 18 yr. old neice who had nowhere to go…every room quickly became full and cluttered! Makes us crazy! HELP! PLEASE!

  160. Jacquie Quam

    I like Clean Mama on FB

  161. Rhian

    I am a fan of Tip Junkie on Facebook

  162. elle

    My time saving tip is using my timer…I seem to move much faster when I have limited time to complete my cleaning!

  163. Michelle

    My Time Saving tip – SCHEDULE, Schedule and schedule some more. With four kids I have the routine down to the minute. I can get them up and out the door in 45 min.

    6:45 Get up, get dressed, make bed (I pour cereal, make toast or whatever else we have that morning)
    7:00 Breakfast – no excuses, eat or starve (while they eat I make lunches and pack backpacks)
    7:15 Wash up,Teeth, hair
    7:25 Shoes, coats and back packs on
    7:30 Wait for the first bus to arrive, second comes 15 min later but they are ready and there is no time to mess around

    This saves time and energy, as we all know the routine. Homework is done the night before, and outfits laid out before bed.

  164. nikki

    I don’t have any tips but would love to learn some! 🙂

  165. Lindsey Miller

    My time saving tip may just apply to me, lol! I find that the longer it takes for me to get started on something, the more I seem to procrastinate! If I can just toss a load of laundry in the washer *first thing* in the morning, and unload the dishes *before* breakfast, it seems the ball is already rolling, so keeping the momentum is so much easier!

  166. Michelle

    I love Tip Junkie!!! Used many of the ideas that have been posted on FB.

  167. Lindsey Miller

    I like you on fb too!

  168. Caryn

    I am a huge fan of Tip Junkie!
    My best time saving tip since school has gone back is to make my son’s lunches the night before, they have a special ‘spot’ in the fridge so everyone knows where to find it in the morning! Saves so much time and stress in the morning.

  169. merium c

    I like the ‘5-minute-clean’ at night~room to room, with a timer!

  170. Michelle

    I re-tweeted it, and of course hash-tagged you too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. Michelle

    I ‘liked’ Clean Mama too!!!

  172. lori

    i could so use this!!! Love it all!

  173. merium c

    like ‘Tip Junkie’ on F/B…

  174. merium c

    Like ‘Clean Mama’ on F/B

  175. Kathryn

    My time saving tip- I buy hamburger in bulk then brown it immediately and seperate it into freezer bags (1 lb per bag) and freeze it so that when it is time for dinner and my recipe calls for browned beef I just thaw it and throw it in!

  176. Kathryn

    I liked tip junkie on facebook

  177. Kathryn

    I liked clean mama on facebook

  178. Andrea Graf

    What a great giveaway, I could sure use it.

  179. linda l

    my time saving tip is to pack my bag the night before and prep lunch too so i’m not forced to buy something to eat the next day!

  180. linda l

    i liked tip junkie on facebook

  181. linda l

    just tweeted about the giveaway too

  182. Andrea Graf


  183. Lauren Hope

    My time saving tip is to fold clothes straight out of the dryer – gets it done right away, with fewer wrinkles. Hate the laundry pile up! Thanks for all the great tips!

  184. Alice

    Best Tip is while cleaning to have a small basket, or stair basket, at the bottom of the stairs for things going to the second story and one at the top of the basement stairs for things going down. When you’re heading up or down, take the basket with you and put everything away.

  185. Arielle Salzman

    hmmm time saving tip….i find it help if i use a timer…to keep myself on track and to create an incentive to get things done quickly or by a certain time. That’s what works for me anyways 🙂

  186. Arielle Salzman

    i liked tip junkie on facebook!! i love reading your blog!

  187. Andrea Graf

    like TJ onFB

  188. Arielle Salzman

    i liked clean mama on facebook! i’ve never heard of them…but if i don’t win then i definitely want to buy some of their charts….but i HOPE I WIN!!!

  189. Christina

    Just “liked” clean mama printable. I love organizational printable =] used many of your free ones here on the site.

  190. Jenna Burton

    My best timesaving tip is:

    Have a routine & schedule. I have 5 kids and I home educate. I have notebooks for each child with their daily schedule (even fun time scheduled!), chore list, short & long term goals, etc… Each child has a laundry day – they wash their own laundry on that day, fold and put away. That saves me from doing laundry non-stop as well as instills responsibility and life skill!

    I’m in love with printables! I love organization and have been called an organization freak by my children LOL!
    I try hard to be organized, but I am no expert!

  191. Kat

    My biggest time saver is using one master calendar for the entire family. I record all activities for the five of us in one place so I don’t have to consult several different schedules for work, sports, volunteering, etc. I would love to win some of Clean Mamas printables to help keep our home organized!

  192. Debbie

    have all supplies together before you start a cleaning project (or any project really)

  193. Debbie

    i like tipjunkie on fb.

  194. Jackie

    I need all the help I can get!! I love tipjunkie!!!

  195. Andrea Graf

    liked Clean Mama on FB

  196. Lewanda Morse

    I have a 9 and 6 yo, and we play a clean-up game. With 15 minutes set on the timer, we see who can clean up the most items in a room before the timer goes off. Lots of fun yet productive at the same time!

  197. Melinda

    Same old one my grandma taught me: never leave a room empty handed!

  198. Amy

    i would LOVE to win the clean mama prize! I just had #7 and my kids range from 4 weeks to 17, baby to college! I could use the help and I Love all her ideas~!!

  199. Jennifer Dawn

    To do lists, cleaning calendar, doing a little each day, and multitasking. That’s more than one, I know. 🙂

  200. Jennifer Dawn

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  201. Jennifer Dawn

    I already followed Clean Mama’s blog, but now I have hit like on FB!

  202. Amy

    I like you on facebook

  203. SaraL

    My biggest time saving tip is to have the next day planned, clothing, meals etc, before going to bed the night before. It helps you to get a good night’s rest without stressing about the day ahead and when you wake up you know what you need to do, when you need to do it!

  204. rebecca Nordyke

    Bedtime routine. Check my meal plan for the next day and pull our frozen goods, quick pick up of the house, lay out clothes for the next day, etc.

  205. Jessica L

    I like you on FB!

  206. Jessica L

    One of my best time saving tips are to meal plan on Sunday night…it helps me know what I’m making, what food I may need to buy and gives me more time with my family because I can prep early!

  207. Maureen Uleau

    I love the idea of these printables. With 4 kids it could really help out. Thanks Laurie.

  208. Maureen Uleau

    I like you on Facebook already. Thanks.

  209. Maureen Uleau

    I like Clean Mama on FB also. Thanks.

  210. Kate

    One of my newest tips is- make a bag card/badge for bags headed out the door. My daughter and I are so busy during the week, and have multiple activities each day. We both leave with at least 2 bags for school (school bag, after school bag- gym clothes, dance clothes, cheer equipment, Yoga equipment). It can be confusing and hectic getting out the door with the right stuff, so we made tags for each bag that remind us what needs to be in the bag before we leave.

  211. Kate

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  212. Kate

    Liked Clean Mama on FB

  213. Angie K

    time saving tip…make a daily to do list! If I’m organized, more things get done. I make a list at the beginning of the day every day then check off as I go.

  214. Sonia Goodman

    Absolutely LOVE Tip Junkie ….adding Clean Mama to my caves because I need serious help with organization! Thank you Tip Junkie!

  215. Michelle

    This would be fantastic!

  216. Michelle

    I like you on Facebook!

  217. Wendy

    I make the bed as soon as I roll out of bed “LOL” Great ideas 🙂

  218. billi

    this would be awesome!

  219. Michelle

    I like Clean Mama on Facebook!

  220. Kelly M.

    One thing I do to save time is make lunches the night before so we’re not rushing before school!

  221. Kelly M.

    I like tip junkie on facebook

  222. Kelly M.

    I liked Clean Mama on facebook

  223. Carrie R.

    The best time saving tip I have is to preplan your dinners. Make a list of dinners you want to make that week or that month. It truly saves money on grocerys and saves time trying to decide what to eat that night. I swear by it.

  224. Carrie R.

    I like TJ on FB.

  225. Carrie R.

    And now I like CM on FB.

  226. Meg

    I’ve made a goal to organize one thing per week! This would HELP!!!! Also, I’ve liked and tweeted, as you recommended:)

  227. jiliane

    I would love to use these in my home and blog about them, I would love to become more organized I just dont know where to start and the little one running around seem to add to the mess LOL . I also did double LIKES on Facebook!!! Im a huge fan of Tip Junkie!!!!

  228. Kristin

    Organization is key to my sanity! As a working mom to three girls, we ate constantly running to school, activities, play dates, etc. The only way for me to keep up is using lists! I menu plan each week based on what we have going on, girls bring lunches to school everyday, we plan plan plan. These lists are so useful and helpful for all of us mommies and can even be a great teaching tool for the kiddos! Thank you Tip Junkie for sharing and for all the amazing info you share with us!

  229. Jill Myers

    I am a fan of Tip Junkie on FB. I recommended you to my daughter as well. You have GREAT ideas for us!

    One of my best tips I would love to share is my use of coffee filters. I buy a large, inexpensive package at the dollar store nearby. I flatten these out and cover food or liquids I am microwaving. Saves on splatters and makes clean-up so much easier. And the coffee filters go a long way.

  230. KIm Cottier

    I SOOOOOOO need this :0) with 4 kids I feel like I’m never organized !!

  231. barbara

    The best thing I ever did was cancel cable TV and used that money to hire a housekeeper!!

  232. Cindy

    I would love to win. My Father just passed away last week and I want to help Mom with organizing his things. We started talking about shadow boxes for his baseball outfit, glove, cleats, and ball. And going through his black and white photos, organizing those in albums and scanning those to CDs for us kids.

  233. Mitzi Aylor

    One of my favorite organizing tips is to have one notebook that has EVERYTHING IN IT…contact info, important school notes and reminders, church directory, and even some thank you notes.

  234. Sarah Comley Caldwell

    I LOVE the printables! I keep a food diary and plan meals with menu helps to keep my hubs and I organized! Hope I win the printables – I need all of the organizing help I can get! (fingers crossed 🙂

  235. Mary Farris

    You can just never be “too” organized – I need all the help I can get!!!!!!

  236. Peggy

    OK, the very best money-saving tip I have ever figured out is: (drum roll please) for me to stay out of WalMart!!

  237. Mary Farris

    just “liked” Clean Mama on Facebook!

  238. Tiffany

    I can use any organization tools I can get 🙂

  239. Tiffany

    I tweeted @inloveindc

  240. Donna

    If I don’t make my bed as soon as I get out of it in the morning, then sometimes it goes unmade for hours (if not all day). So it saves me time and frustration if I just smooth back the covers as soon as I roll out!

  241. Donna

    I already “like” you on Facebook.

  242. Susie

    What a fabulous giveaway. My best saving time tip that works best for me is each morning I make a list of what needs to be done that day. It keeps me on track and keeps me focused to the tasks.

  243. [email protected]

    I keep a weekly schedule of cleaning duties. I don’t always get it done but I do accomplish a lot more than I would without it.

  244. [email protected]

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  245. [email protected]

    I like Clean Momma on FB!

  246. karen n

    Love u and all your tips. My tip is toy rotation. It keeps down on the clutter, they enjoy their toys more as when something they haven’t had for awhile comes out its like getting something new. I also rotate out so for everything new thats bought they have to donate something to Goodwill or to the garagesale box.

  247. karen n

    I liked tip junkie on face book

  248. karen n

    I liked clean mama on facebook

  249. karen n

    tweeted you

  250. Kristin

    My best time saving tip? making a double batch of a meal and freezing half for lazy days. Having zuchinni enchiladas today for lunch was a nice treat with little work!

  251. Kerri

    Anyway to save time, is a friend of mine!

  252. Paige

    I liked you, shared you and liked Clean Mama!

  253. Michelle D

    I love the colors and I hope these will get me organized! Thanks.

  254. taryn

    oh my! this looks amazing! it looks like it would save me so much time!

  255. chris

    id love to win these!

  256. Denise

    Like Tip Junkie on FB

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    liked Clean Mama on FB

  258. Sydney

    Maybe it’s not too good of an organizational tip but.. I try to keep up with housework by doing a few minutes each day rather than a big clean once a week. I also cook 2 meals on Sunday so that we have leftovers to bring to work throughout the week.

  259. Megan Ashman

    Every Saturday or Sunday I try to make a menu for the week with all of the groceries I need, which makes it easy at the grocery store.

  260. Megan Ashman

    Also I liked Tip Junkie on facebook a while ago!

  261. marissa burnell

    these are so perfect! just what i need as a newlywed!

  262. Elisa Koranda

    My time saving tip has been (thanks to Rachael Ray) planning out the week’s meals, shopping on the weekend (during non-peak hours) and washing/prepping as much of the food as possible for the week!

  263. Elisa Koranda

    I am a FB fan of TJ !

  264. Elisa Koranda

    I am a FB fan of Clean Mama!

  265. girlsmama

    I need to get organized! Maybe this will help!

  266. Amanda

    I use clothes pins for everything. They are a great way to mark my place when I am working through something. The clip bags closed, hang anything, etc.
    I also put things back where the go as soon as I am done with them. Even if I am really tired. It saves me soooo much time later to have everything where it needs to be to do the next project.
    I put everything, I mean everything, in a specific place with like things and I do it in a logical way. I can find anything in my house in minutes because of this.

  267. Tracy

    My two young daughters despise the hair dryer! So, after their showers I wrap their wet heads in Turbie Twists. They are like Sham Wow’s for hair! Saves time and tantrums 🙂

  268. Tracy

    I liked Tip Junkie on Face Book!

  269. Tracy

    I liked Clean Mama on Face Book!

  270. Angie Campbell

    I guess my best time saving tip is just to make a larger quantity of whatever I’m making for dinner so we have left overs for lunch the following day.

  271. Angie Campbell

    I like Tip Junkie on FB 🙂

  272. Angie Campbell

    I like Clean Mama on FB 🙂

  273. Angie Campbell

    I tweeted about your giveaway. I’m @AngRoCamp

  274. teresa

    Ohhhh I would so love this.

  275. teresa

    oh and I am a fan of tip junkie on FB

  276. debi

    Great giveaway! 2 tips I have that save me time are when taking something off a hanger to wear the hanger goes in the laundry basket with the dirty clothes so when I do the laundry I don’t have to hunt down hangers. Tip 2 is useful for all those plastic baggies you get from the walmart, target and grocery stores…I put a handful of them in all my small waste baskets in the bathrooms and bedrooms. This way when I have to change out the garbage bags I have a replacement right at my fingertips!

  277. Ang, never Angie

    Whenever I bake/cook anything that freezes well, I double or triple the batch. That way, I have extra muffins, cookies, or casseroles when I need them for a busy day, sick neighbor, or just need a break.

  278. Amber

    I’ve been looking to get this type of thing together. Would love this!

  279. Haley G.

    Great giveaway…I could defiately use these!

  280. vicki

    liked both on facebook

  281. vicki

    I would love to get organized

  282. Aimee Lashley

    I have found that my most time saving tip to make mornings run smoother is to prepare everything for school lunches the night before. I have a shelf of my refrigerator dedicated to the kids’ lunches. Sandwiches are made, water bottles are filled and then all the snacks are laid out the night before. Makes loading all the lunch boxes a snap in the mornings!

  283. Karen

    Hmmmmm. my best timesaver tip would be to cook a weeks amount of dinner for the coming week for the family! TFS.

  284. Wilson Family Adventures

    I sometimes make our Son’s meals a day ahead.

  285. Wilson Family Adventures

    Like Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  286. Angela

    This giveaway would be so helpful in organizing our house of three generations! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  287. Aimee Lashley

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  288. Wilson Family Adventures

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  289. jengd

    I cook enough on the weekend that we have leftovers 3 or 4 nights the following week.

  290. jengd

    I like you on FB

  291. Mary

    Time saver: STOP folding your underwear! What a waste of time- especially in our house with 7 people= lots of laundry as it is! You know it’s clean and nobody sees it so why waste time folding it? I don’t and the minutes add up!
    I am also a twitter and FB fan Laurie!

  292. Dee

    when you go grocery shopping, pre-prepare some foods before you put them away. Brown your ground beef and season it, then place in freezer bags, labeled Itialian, or Mexican, depending on the seasoning. Chop onions and green peppers and freeze them as well. Boil some chicken, debone and shred. Save the broth as well. Pre-cooking some of your foods will make family meals so much quicker. Another option is to brown 5-8 pounds of ground beef/turkey at once. Season and add spaghetti sauce to the entire mixture. Then divide for multiple meals. Spaghetti, homemade pizza, Bubble Up Pizza (pizza ingredients and sauce mixed with cut up biscuits and baked), lasagne.

  293. jengd

    I tweeted: @jengd1

  294. stephanie miller

    the best time and money saving tip, planning the weeks menu on sat or sun, make the shopping list, and match my coupons at that time. then i have my list, coupons and meals, and can head to store!!

  295. stephanie miller

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  299. Shannon

    pack lunches the night before

    entry one

  300. Shannon

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    shannon ballantyne

  301. Shannon

    liked clean mama on facebook
    shannon ballantyne

  302. Jennifer

    My best time saving tip for my house is to just pick up after yourself everyday before bed. It keeps the clutter at bay, and 15 a day could save a whole day of cleaning once a week.

  303. Cheryl @ That's What Che Said

    My best time saving tip is to actually make daily to-do lists the night before so that when you wake up you know your exact game plan for the day! Great Giveaway!! Thanks Laurie!

  304. Cheryl @ That's What Che Said

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  305. jessica w.

    This is such a great giveaway, labels make such great difference!

  306. jessica w.

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    I like Clean Mama on Facebook also!

  308. jessica w.

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  310. Terry P

    Something to get me organized?!?!? Incredible! I’ve got to try these forms!!!

  311. Terry P

    I Liked Clean Mama on Facebook and I’ve liked Tip Junkie for over a year!

  312. Karla Kramer

    Nice! Thank you for these giveaways!

  313. Delilah

    My time saving tip is to put out mine and my childrens clothes the night before because it saves so much time.
    For my optional entry I like Clean Mama on Facebook.

  314. Karla Kramer

    I’m a fan of Tip Junkie on FB.

  315. Kimiko

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  316. Kimiko

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  317. Julie

    I would love to win these. How organized would I be????!!!!

  318. Tully O'Leary

    I can’t wait to use these tools!!

  319. Randi Kelley

    Prep for 3 dinner meals when I make a dinner with lots of “like” ingredients for the rest of the week.

  320. Tully O'Leary

    I tweeted $150 worth of Printables from @cleanmamablog @Tullyro

  321. Tully O'Leary

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  322. Kenna R

    My best time saving tip is to be proactive and get up and just do it! Just because I have a good idea doesn’t mean I actually follow it!

  323. Kenna R

    I “like” Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  324. Kenna R

    I “like” Clean Mama on Facebook!

  325. Jamie

    I am in desperate need of organization.

  326. michelle

    Lists….that’s how I stay organized.

  327. Michelle F

    My best tip is to make sure everything has it’s place and return it when you’re finished.

  328. Andrea

    Plan ahead! Meals, outings, etc. I wish I always did it, but I know it helps! 🙂

  329. Michelle F

    Email subscriber

  330. Andrea

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook!

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  332. Joni R.

    Love Tip Junkie!

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  335. Jennifer Johncock

    My best time saving tip is to get the kids clothes out the night before.

  336. terriavidreader

    Lists are a favorite, but I use any and all things I can to try and stay a bit organized!

  337. Jennifer Johncock

    I like Tip Junkie on FB.

  338. Jennifer Johncock

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  339. Kristen Foster

    I need help with a cleaning schedule.

  340. Kristen Foster

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  342. karyn dietz

    Liked Tip Junkie & Clean mama on FB! Thanks!

  343. marina

    Getting our clothes out the night before is the best time saving tip I have!

  344. Madelin

    Pack lunches the night before, lay out clothing, and braid my daughter’s hair so that its nice and untangled in the morning.

  345. [email protected]


    My tiime saving tip is for my fiancé who is in school. Always work with him on Mondays to document all of his assignments for the week on a printable calendar. He then prints all the reading materials and assignments. It’s time saving because now that he has an idea of his schedule, he can manage his time vs. Doing it as he goes.

  346. Ruby

    I clean my microwave the easy way. I always use sponges around the kitchen and lemon juice (in the bottle) in the fridge. I sanitize my sponges all the time. I found that if I wet my sponge and put just a splash of lemon juice on it, then put it in the microwave for a minute, the steam off the sponge makes it easy to clean the inside of the microwave. The lemon juice is just an added extra to keep it smelling nice. CAUTION: Let the sponge cool well before handling it!!

  347. linda rice

    I love lists!! and I am always looking for ways to keep the household in order. I print our calendar and post it on the fridge, on my husband’s desk and give a copy to my kiddo… after we have a family meeting to review the weekly items. Clean Mama looks perfect!

  348. MEgan P

    This would help out so much!!

  349. Jade

    I soak my kitchen sponges in a small bowl with vinegar and water before going to bed. In the morning, I squeeze out the sponge and it’s ready to go.


  350. Jade

    I like tip junkie on FB

  351. Becky Ziaja

    I pile all docs that need to be filed on my desk and file them once a month.

  352. Becky Ziaja

    I like Tip Junkie on FB.

  353. Becky Ziaja

    I like Clean Mama on FB.

  354. Lora W.

    I need more organization. My only time saving tip is getting everthing ready Sunday night for the whole week. Everyone’s school clothes and my scrubs are on a hanger for each day, ready to go.

  355. Lora W.

    I like TJ on FB. =)

  356. Lauren

    My time saving tip is to make a lists upon lists. I even have a list of the lists that I need to make!! This helps me keep track of what eveyone in the family is doing, what we are planning for dinner, what errands I need to run. I would love to win this contest because I think the documents would really help out organizing my family.

  357. Olivia Douglass

    I like to make to-do lists…. and then prioritize them. Each morning I do this so that I can plan the day ahead.

  358. Olivia Douglass

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  359. Andrea

    I have no time saving tips! That’s why I need to win these printables!!

  360. Tammy

    Going to the grocery store once a week instead of 2 or 3 times. I use to go all the time. Now I keep my list up to date on our needs..and if for some reason I don’t have something I usually can do without it.

  361. Tara

    I like to stay organized by doing a little bit at a time. It’s easier for me to maintain than deep clean every 2 weeks!

  362. Tara

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

  363. Tara

    I already liked Tip Junkie on FB! 🙂

  364. Tara

    I now like Clean Mama on FB!

  365. april v

    I love Clean Mama! Thanks for the chance to win!

  366. Tammy T

    My favorite time saving tip is meal planning. It saves me time at the grocery store and every day when I already know what I will feed my family.

  367. Amy Holly

    I make a to do list every Friday at 8am…

  368. Liane

    I need some help, these look great!

  369. Liane

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  370. Lynn

    My favorite time saving tips – I am new to this site and love it! I hope you all won’t think I am crazy for sharing so many of my favorite tips.

    *I print all of my recipies on 4×6 recipe cards that I created in my computer and then I use self laminating sheets to cover and protect them from spills. I used to spend so much time re-doing recipe cards and it drove me crazy.

    *Menu planning! I create a menu every Saturday and pull the recipe cards if I don’t have it memorized and put them in order in the front section of my recipe box. I double check to make sure that I have all ingredients so there is no running back and forth to the store.

    Every Fall:
    *I do a re-stock of my pantry staples tossing old items
    *I do a re-stock of winter cold medicines throwing away outdated formulas
    *I put clean and make any necessary repairs to spring jackets

    Every Spring
    *I take coats in for cleaning and repairs (because it is never convenient once it gets COLD!)
    *I wash winter hat’s, scarves and gloves I put them in a plastic tub in the closet with a few fresh smelling dryer sheets. It is so convenient to just pull that tub out of the closet when the weather changes and not have to “hunt” these items down when the weather changes.

    Holiday Decorations:
    *I put all of my decorations away for each holiday in colored tubs and there is a list in a plastic sheet protector on top of the box that tells me what items are in each box. It is easier to go room by room and put all Christmas tree trimings in one box.

    *I check all lights to make sure they are operational before I put them away

    *All outdoor decorations are cleaned before they are stored

    Holiday Parties:

    Menu’s are made in early fall and I start shopping for non-perishables and libations early. I keep a separate list in my wallet and check off the items as a I go along, that way there is no last minute rush and I save money by getting items on sale.
    – FYI, most stores run multiple wine sales in the late summer/early fall months and you can stock up for
    a fraction of normal costs!

  371. Ashley F

    Hmmm… I guess my best time saving tip would be for laundry. I have 5 laundry baskets (white, jeans, darks, lights and towels). That way when we put clothes in the hamper it is already separated and since there are 7 of us it keeps me from having to separate 6 baskets of laundry on laundry days.

  372. Ashley F

    I like TJ on FB

  373. Ashley F

    I like Clean Mama on FB

  374. Jennifer

    My tip is to fix snacks for the week on sunday. I cut up any fruits and veggies I am going to need and put them in baggies and have them labeled so I know what I am pulling out of the fridge to put in my lunchbox for work and class. It saves tons of time during the week becuase you arent worried about getting everything cut up the day of all you have to do is get the baggies out of the fridge and put them in your lunchbox!

  375. Jenni Hughes

    I would love to win!!

  376. Jenni Hughes

    I like Tip Junkie on FB

  377. Jenni Hughes

    I now like Clean Mama on FB.

  378. Brandi

    I so need help… My house is a disaster area. Literally. And I so wish I were kidding…

    My time saving tip – the one thing I AM organized with – is to have a designated spot for keys, wallets, phones, and the kids’ backpacks, SHOES!!, and anything else they need for school. We make sure before we go to bed that everything is in it’s place and that everything they need for the next day is already in their packs (signed papers, homework, books, etc.). We also pick out clothes the night before and set them out so we aren’t frantically looking for missing socks, underwear, or that *ONE* thing we can’t find (which is inevitable in the dirty clothes hamper, or soaking wet in the washing machine.)

  379. Jill

    Gotta love organizational help!! I need these! 😉

  380. Michelle

    When we get home, I restock the diaper bag immediately. That way it is always ready to go whenever we leave the house!

  381. Khushabu Patel

    love to win these!

  382. Julie

    I really need this! I’m starting a new home based business and really need help with getting organized. Having a hard time running the house and a business both.

  383. Mason L

    I get everything ready the night before.

  384. Mason L


  385. bookworm134

    My best time saving tip is to make list and actually cross out the things I get done. I am a list freak. I then consolidate my lists and add new things…They can get out of hand sometime, but I think that is only because I tend to keep them all and never throw an old one away!

  386. Brittany H

    I bought a small purse from Sam Moon that can fit into my normal purse and put dividers with labels in it, and use it to itemize my receipts and file them in a normal filing cabinet at the end of the month.

  387. June Ferguson

    I think my favorite time-saving tip is: don’t waste time cleaning something that is already clean!! I always remind myself that I don’t need to dust, scrub, rinse, etc. every single thing in my house every single week!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    June in KS

  388. Carmen Lucero

    Thanks for the chance to win some organization tools!

    Carmen L

  389. Carmen Lucero

    I just liked you on FB, thanks for the chance to win!

    Carmen L

  390. Carmen Lucero

    I just liked Clean Mama on FB – thanks for the chance to win!

    Carmen L

  391. Angel

    SWEET! I LOVE lists!!!

  392. Marie D

    I just discovered your website and am afraid I’m already addicted! So much great information! Love it!

  393. Marie D

    Liked Tip Junkie on FB for sure!

  394. amanda

    I like tip junkie on facebook.

  395. Nicole

    Making lists is huge for staying organized and saving time. Whether it’s a shopping list, or a to-do list or a cleaning list. I’m a list geek!

  396. heidi

    i make a TON of lists – plan my menu for the week/grocery list, lesson plans for son’s pre-schooling, list of daily/weekly tasks, list of tasks for following week, etc. They keep me organized and save lots of time & I don’t have to think too much after they’re done!

  397. Rebecca

    Menu plan!

  398. SuZann

    I make a 4 week rotating menu. Saves deciding what to fix for dinner and time running to the store for something you don’t have. It also saves money cuz we’re not eating out all the time.

  399. Mackenzie

    I worked as a waitress for awhile and at work we would say “full hands in and full hands out”. I have tried to apply that to my home life as well. It is such a time savor! If you’re taking something into another room while doing cleanup, come back with something that needs to be put away. It saves trips back and forth and time.

  400. Erin

    Thanks again for another great resource to help organize our busy lives!

  401. Jen Savage

    To-do lists are my lifesaver. I keep one in my dropbox all the time, so I can update it from my phone or from my computers at work or at home. These printables look GREAT!

  402. John

    This unorganized dada is looking to get so organized with Clean Mama Printables.

  403. Julie

    I save both time and money by using convenient grocery store online shopping service. I keep a running grocery list on a dry erase board on the refrigerator and shop online in just a few minutes, thus saving the hour and a half it takes me to get to the grocery store, shop, and get back home. My coupons are honored as usual, turned in at order pick-up, including double, triple, and super double coupon promotions. I have also found that paying the $4.95 online shopping fee still saves me a bundle. (Plus, the store often runs specials like $1.95 shopping or a $15.00 flat rate per month for any number of shopping orders.) On average, I spend about $75 more per trip if I actually go into the store because I make more impulse purchases, and with today’s prices it doesn’t take much to total $75 or more. It is much easier to be disciplined in what I order when ordering online. And best of all, my husband drives through to pick up my order on his way home from work (they load the car for us in the special online shopping pick-up lane), and if I order a hot rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, BBQ ribs, or pork loin roast, it is ready to eat and I just have to fix quick side dishes. I can sew or clean or do anything else all day and still stock up on needed groceries. Many of my friends are sure it’s a waste of money to pay the shopping fee and continue to complain about and dread grocery shopping, but I know better and come out ahead in both time and money!!

  404. Julie

    I also LIKE CleanMama on Facebook!

  405. Megan

    Amazing!! Love the menu!!

  406. Jennifer

    I liked Tip Junkie on Facebook! 🙂

  407. brigid devney-rye

    set a timer to do a chore you want to get going on. 15 minutes won’t hurt you and you may find you get involved and get even more done. if not, another day. pick me!

  408. Linda Cunningham

    I make lists for everything and really use them.

  409. Linda Cunningham

    I liked Clean Mama on FB.

  410. Katie B

    oh I need to win this one! I could use a little organization…and cleanliness…

  411. Melodia

    Staying organized is the best time saving tip (^_^)

  412. heather

    I clean the bathroom (toilet, mirror, sink, counter) while my girls play in the bathtub. They are safe & supervised, enjoy the extra play time & I get one chore crossed off my list! 🙂

  413. heather

    I like TJ on FB

  414. heather

    I like CM on FB 🙂

  415. Pamala

    I use 15 minute blocks to plan my time and I ALWAYS overestimate how long something is going to take me. If it takes me 5-10 minutes to get somewhere I leave 15 minutes early, if it takes 10-20 minutes I leave 30 minutes early. If I think washing the dishes will take me 10 minutes I give myself a 15 minute block to finish it. If a project should take around 35 minutes I’ll plan it to take 45 minutes. Then when I have that extra 5-10 minutes when I arrive somewhere I don’t feel rushed and I can make sure I’m mentally prepared for whatever I’m about to do. Or when I’m done with my task early I can stop and enjoy a cup of coffee for a few minutes or make a phone call.

  416. Casey

    I love things that keep me organized…and if I don’t have to think about it to much- all the better. Clean Mama is great discovery!

  417. Cheryl

    time saving tip is fix dinner right after breakfast!

  418. Cheryl

    Liked tip junkie on FB

  419. Cheryl

    Liked Clean Mama on FB

  420. Jennifer

    I liked Clean Mama on facebook! 🙂

  421. Jennifer

    Try to plan ahead and make the most of your trip out — Make lists, Make lists, Make lists — and don’t forget to bring them with you :-).

  422. Jennifer

    I’m a Clean Mama and a Tip Junkie Fan on Facebook!

  423. Jennifer

    Just tweeted!

  424. Kristin

    I love being organized and need to find more ways to do it that’ll get my husband more into it as well.

  425. Kristin

    I also like tip junkie on facebook.

  426. Kristin

    Now I also like Clean Mama on Facebook. So excited about all these new ways to get organized!!!!

  427. Lauren

    I love to use Clean Mama’s free to-do list she just posted a couple of weeks ago, because come nap time when I have all this freedom I shutdown and want to sit down and eat some bon bons while watching tv. Having a to do list keeps me on track, thus saving me time in the long run.

  428. Lauren

    I tweeted.

  429. Lauren

    I’m a fan of Clean Mama on FB

  430. BlessedCP

    Since we no longer purchase boxed cereal quick breakfast ideas have been challenging. Now I use the crockpot the night before and have a hot, nutritious breakfast ready in the morning. These meals give us more energy to face the day and keep us full longer.
    One favorite is steel cut oats, some almond or coconut milk, water and dried fruit. In the morning we drizzle on pure maple syrup or raw honey and I like chopped nuts on mine.
    There are also egg dishes and other breakfast casseroles that can be assembled the night before.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  431. BlessedCP

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  432. Erin J.

    I make a cleaning calendar each month and do a little bit of cleaning each day…that way the house stays clean!

  433. Erin J.

    I follow Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  434. Trine

    I really need to get more organized. And save som time. Love this idea.
    I´ve got my weekly shopping list to get all the basics one night a week (after bedtime stories)
    Love your site
    from Denmark

  435. Noel Hillmer

    I need to get more organized. If you could only see the room I’m in right now. It would save so much time and energy. Thanks for a great site.

  436. Kristen

    I need help in getting more organized 🙂 I like to do the 10 minute nightly clean before I head to bed. It helps getting up in the morning with the house looking somewhat picked up!

  437. Nicole

    I also have to make lists!! It’s huge to stay somewhat organized!!

  438. Kim

    I am a list junkie! I just love them. I would love to get these. I love ways to help me stay organized!

  439. Kim

    I liked Tip Junkie on FB.

  440. Kim

    I liked Clean Mama on FB.

  441. Melissa

    Wunderlist app on my phone and Mac keep my list organized no matter where I’m at.

  442. Serena

    To save time on cleaning, I’ll use the swifer duster on everything about 2 times a week. Then I don’t have to clean as often because I maintain the dust during the week.

  443. Lori J

    I do as much as I can the night beforeo – making breakfast, lunches, packing bags, etc. And lists help me so much with saving time!

  444. jayme

    I have a wipe board that I had originally put up for the kids to use, but I have turned it into my daily list.
    I also have a window marker by crayola that I use on my mirror in my bathroom. I find that I think of a lot of things to remember while brushing my teeth or getting ready for the day. It’s also great to jot a quick “love ya” to the hubby on his side.

  445. Jocelyn

    I make lots of lists!

  446. Robin S.

    Lists are my best friend! Not because I am especially organized, but because in the hustle and bustle of everyday life I will forget it if I don’t write it down!!! My biggest time saver is to do as much the night before as I can – pack lunches and the diaper bag, lay out clothes and accessories, and have everything on the kitchen counter ready to grab and walk out the door.

  447. Lisa

    In my “Home Notebook” i just keep the quick and easy recipes that i already have tried.
    This way i save time and nothing can go wrong :o)

  448. Ana B

    I thank my mom for all ways getting me to be organized. It was something I never planned to use since I wanted to remain single. LOL, Lord ur path is much better. Now everyone I know is always asking me how I keep up? I respond with my ” sea touring” notebook. That is right, the notebook I have made or bought have been my life saver year after year. I love printables, can get enough of them.

  449. Julie F

    My best time savings tip is to lay out outfits on Sunday for the week. It allows my 4 year old to feel independent beccause she can dress herself and I don’t have to spend time fighting over what outfit she is going to wear.

  450. Lyndsey

    My best time saving tip is having my husband’s and my ever-changing work calendar displayed in one place. We save ourselves hours of ‘what do you have tomorrow?’ and ‘what time will you be leaving/back?’

  451. Lyndsey

    I like Tip Junkie on FB.

  452. Lyndsey

    I like Clean Mama on FB.

  453. giulia

    cooking larger portion meals then freezing foe nights that I dont want to cook.

  454. giulia

    liked tip junky on FB

  455. giulia

    liked tip junkie on FB

  456. giulia

    I liked clean mamma on FB

  457. Joy

    I makes lists…for everything! and keep them on the fridge…

  458. Joy

    I like tip junkie on fb.

  459. Joy

    I like clean mama on fb.

  460. Kristen

    I like to keep notebooks full of ideas for when I need a quick fix: kids activities, crafts, quick and easy meals, party ideas, etc.

  461. Kristen

    I like tip junkie on FB.

  462. Kristen

    I like clean mama on FB.

  463. Erin Hodgkinson

    There is nothing that makes me feel more organized than Printables!

  464. Melody

    I like tip junkie on facebook

  465. Melody

    I like clean mama on fb.

  466. Melody

    Using a notebook and calendar!

  467. Penelope

    just started using thescramble.com for meal planning and I’M LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  468. Allyson

    I love printables. They are great at keeping me organized. I’ve just started using Shelf Reliance THRIVE foods as a shortcut in my cooking. Saves so much time!!

  469. Allyson

    I like Tip Junkie on FB

  470. Allyson

    I like clean mama on fb

  471. Heather Frederiksen

    Tip Junkie has been the BEST discovery for me!! I am a mom of six and have ADHD…bad. Tip Junkie has made a HUGE difference in my home. Thank you SOOO much!

  472. Debi Pfitzenmaier

    My best tip is using mobile apps to stay organized. Unless I misplace my phone. Then I’m in big trouble…

  473. Debi Pfitzenmaier

    And, of course, I don’t just like you on Facebook, Laurie…I love you 🙂

  474. Daisi

    need all the help i can get!

  475. Barbie

    I love using the delay setting on the washing machine, so I can put the load in the night before and when I wake up they are just ready to put in the dryer.

  476. Rachel

    My best time saving tip are my to-do lists…I would be lost without them! Also, getting everything prepped and ready the night before a workday…outfit, jewelry, what make up will be wearing, hair accessories, etc. My decision making in the morning is virtually nonexistent, so I have to plan ahead!

  477. Rachel

    Already “liked” Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  478. Rachel

    Liked Clean Mama on Facebook!

  479. KK Adams

    I make excel spreadsheets! It allows me to keep an up to date database

  480. Kristin Schuchart

    The thing that works best for saving me time is posting lists for everyone in the household on a bulletin/dry erase board by the back door.
    I list schedules, notes for school, lunch menu, appts, etc, and hang anything we need for the day on hooks or in baskets right below.
    We all go out this door as we leave the house, so we are all sure to see it and be reminded of important things.

  481. Kristin Schuchart

    Already a fan of Tip Junkie on Facebook. Now a fan of Clean Mama as well 🙂

  482. jennifer

    I just tweeted about the giveaway
    $150 worth of Printables from @cleanmamablog. Comment to enter! http://bit.ly/lQgYmn Pls RT Tweet

  483. Alissa A

    I always group my errands together so I’m not running out multiple times a week. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  484. Shauna

    This looks so awesome! I’d love this!

  485. Jadey

    Not a time saving tip but it does make time go faster if you do your chores to music 🙂

  486. stephanie

    i organize by using baskets! i have them all over my house….shoes basket for my little girl. soap basket. shampoo basket. etc!! thanks for your giveaways and website!!

  487. Amy

    Use Clean Mama’s printables! Her sheets save so much time!

  488. Amy

    I like Tip Junkie on FB!

  489. Amy

    I like Clean Mama on FB!

  490. Dana

    I use an Excell spreadsheet to print my grocery list. I list the items I purchase most often in
     isle order. We check off what we need and this eliminates multiple lists.

  491. Amber

    I like to do the grocery shopping once per week, so I’m not at the store all week!

  492. Megan P

    I need all the organization help I can get!!!

  493. Megan P

    I like tip junkie on fb

  494. Megan P

    I like clean mama on FB

  495. lindsi b

    Are you kidding? Who wouldnt want to be organized!!!

  496. lindsi b

    I liked clean mama on FB

  497. lindsi b

    I like ya on FB too…have for a long time -)

  498. lindsi b

    tweeted too @toysinthedryer

  499. Sophia

    I love this! Such a great way to get organized!

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