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12 Trendy Ways to Tie A Scarf {how to wear}

How To Wear ~ A Scarf

There are a variety of ways on how to wear a scarf!  Now that the weather is chilli, a scarf is a fun and functional way to accessorize your winter wardrobe.  Here are 12 ideas how to wear a scarf for winter.

how to tie scarf

How To Tie Scarf

1.  How to:  Different ways to tie your scarf – A variety of ways on how to wear and accessorize your outfit with trendy scarves.
2.  Four Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf – 4 unique ways to wear and a tie scarf to spice up your winter wardrobe.

how to scarf

How To Sew Scarves

3.  How to make a pleated knit scarf – A fun tutorial on how to sew this trendy pleated knit scarf and accessorize your wardrobe for winter.

How To Sew a Scarf

4.  How to Sew a Ruffled Flower Scarf – Pictured instructions on how to-make a trendy ruffled flower scarf to accessorize your outfit for winter.
5.  Women’s No Sew Frayed Scarves – An easy tutorial from picking the right fabric to fraying your neck-ware and creating a fabric flower.
6.  How-to Sew a Scrunchy Scarf – All you need to make them is a flower scarf and some elastic sewing thread.  Because this was going to be a trial run I got my neck-ware from the dollar store.

I can’t wait to see us all decked out in gorgeous scarves this winter.  {{giggle}}  Thanks lovely Ladies for all your tutorials, feel free to grab my “I’ve been featured” button from Tip Junkie.

More Sewing Patterns from Tip Junkie:

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

What are you making this week?


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  1. Jessi

    Thanks! I always wear mine the same boring way…I’m excited to see more options!

  2. S Club Mama

    awesome, Laurie! Can I also say that I love the signature picture of you?! You are so photogenic!

  3. Laurie

    Thanks girl! My oldest son took that of me after school one day. That’s how I look, when I’m smiling at my son. That’s what I think of every time I see it.

  4. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I’m scarf challenged but still love them. I’ll try some out.

  5. [email protected] Beauty and Bedlam

    I LOVE scarves. They are definitely one of my go to items that packs a punch with a wardrobe and I LOVE those pleated scarves. I have been eye-ing them all year long. Wonder if I can dust off my sewing machine for this one? As far as the typos…no love lost here. People don’t understand that to put out the huge amount of content we do every day, we need twenty editors, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t even found one yet (except for my readers…lol).

    Love this post.
    I am such a visual learner that I did a “How to tie a Scarf” vlog since I was getting so many requests for people who couldn’t follow my written directions. 😉 It got a little long, but has been helpful for those who need to actually “see it.” I hate when people leave links in my comments, but thought this might be appropriate. 🙂

  6. Karen Foster

    I just found your site … I love it! Thanks for all the great tips, especially this one!

  7. zovig

    Thanks for linking to my blog, Laurie! I really appreciate the referrals! And I’m so excited that you have even more great ways to tie scarves. I’m addicted.

  8. Melinda

    You have forgotten the old fashioned way of using scarf clips around scarves of different thicknesses. I have inherited several old scarf clips and these are wonderful tools to expand your wardrobe.

  9. scarf rings

    I love that pleated knit scarf. I WANT ONE!! :)))

  10. Dana

    Hello! I think your first link is broken, but I found a link on StumbleUpon on how to tie scarves 37 different ways. I think it is really inspiring. It is always nice to have ideas for all the scarves we have!


    The site also has a nice selection of winter scarves here. There are some shiny ones that are very cute!


  11. ZhenyAH

    This is so helpful, I just received a lot of scarves that I added to my existing collection, check out pictures here!

  12. Tonya

    GREAT tips! I have made a personal challenge to wear more scarves this fall. I always wear them the same boring way so I needed something to get my creative juices flowing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Erin Dubrow

    Can’t wait to try some of these ideas espacially since it is going to be a high of 40 on Tuesday!

  14. Emily Burrus

    This is such a cool site, wonderful ideas!! And though it doesn’t particularly pertain, I have to know, where is the green shirt from? I LOVE it!

  15. Sherry

    what happened? the blog has been removed! anyway to still view the many ways to tie scarves???? thanks

  16. Karen @MSEnthusiast


    I HAVE A SIMILAR POST ABOUT SCARVES. http://www.moneysavingenthusiast.com/3/post/2012/01/be-a-money-saving-samurai-and-add-inexpensive-style-to-any-wardrobe.html

  17. Julie Warner

    I love wearing scarfs and I was also looking for fresh ways. This was a great blog, I’m so glad i stumbled across it. Keep up the good work.

  18. Margit Edmison

    Fold scarf in half and wrap around neck. Take one of the ends and pull through the loop. Give the loop a twist, and pull second end through. By far my favorite way to wear a scarf.

  19. Benjina

    AWESOME Laurie!!!!! I really like the way to weir this scarf in the different ways. I look like a unique.Thank you very much for these ideas. So I’ll try out!!

  20. Saysha

    Hi Laurie!

    Today is very nice outside so I thought that I’d wear a dress and pair it with a matching scarf.

    While searching for ideas I stumbled upon this blog and it is hilarious! Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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