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How To Make Juggling Balls {family craft}

Make these do-it-yourself juggling balls from balloons and rice. It’s a fun family craft that helps kids learn a new skill, juggling!

My first job was a roadside clown. I had an orange wig, a bright red nose and giant striped pants. (Go ahead, get your giggles over with now so you can pay attention to the rest of the post!) So, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me when my kids are intrigued by all things circus!

Today I decided to introduce my kids to one of the most important circus and clowning skills–juggling! OK, I’m not really a great juggler (but my husband’s pretty good!) but I can figure out how to make a good juggling ball. You can’t juggle with something too heavy and you have to make sure it won’t bounce away when if you drop it!

These are super easy and would actually work well as bean bags for other fun games. All you need is a regular plastic sandwich bag, two balloons and about 3/4 cup of uncooked rice per ball.

First cut the necks of the balloons right off! (Wow, that sounded kinda morbid!)

Then fill your sandwich bag with rice. You don’t need to close it up perfectly, just twist it or fold it up. Because now you’re going to push it inside of one of your balloons.

This is kinda like putting tights on a little girl. Or squeezing everything into your suitcase. Just push and shove until it all gets in there. You’re almost done!

Grab your second balloon and stretch it around the first. You’ll want to make sure to cover up the hole from the first balloon to keep the rice from pouring out.

And you’re done! Look how cute it turned out! We added a little pizazz to ours by making cuts and holes in the 2nd balloon. That way you could see a little more of the first color.

After you have 2-3 balloons each, you can start juggling. This is, of course, easier said than done. My husband gave the kids a mini-tutorial. But it didn’t help too much.  My son ended up making up his own version of juggling which was basically holding a ball in each hand and jumping up and down. It’s the same idea, I guess! If you’re looking for some real juggling instruction, here’s a better tutorial from a clown friend of mine!

If you make these with your kids, let me know how your first juggling performance went! And I’ll see you next week with more circus-y fun!

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of two who blogs at OhAmanda.com and Impress Your Kids. In her former life, Amanda was a Children’s Pastor — overseeing, organizing and developing ministry for kids in nursery through middle school, but now that she is a mom, her “skills” are used up on her kids!


  1. Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE

    BRILLIANT! My youngest learned to juggle this summer, but when he drops his balls they fall LOUDLY. Drives me bonkers… (though I love watching him try new tricks). I am now on a mission to find a bag of PRETTY colored balloons and we’ll make ’em together. He’ll probably resist at first (he’s 14 1/2 and way past crafting with mama) but he’ll end up loving it!

    GREAT idea!!

  2. Leigh

    so cute!!! I love the look that cutting the top balloon makes… and my boys tend to think they’re juggling as long as they’re throwing the balls in the air. Doesn’t matter if they catch them… Maybe I should learn!

  3. oh amanda {impress your kids}

    But oh, how much would I love to see a post of Robin and her 14 year old making crafts?! 🙂

  4. oh amanda {impress your kids}

    Well, the 4 of our kids could throw the balls up in the air and let them drop together!

    (I wish!!)

  5. JessieLeigh

    This is brilliant! I do not believe I will ever learn to juggle (and I’m okay with this), but my husband can do it moderately well… and my brother-in-law is fabulous at it!

  6. Michelle

    That tutorial actually makes juggling look do-able. I will have to try this! (And I love the juggling balls–so fun!)

  7. vanessa @ silly eagle books

    I like how they are filled with rice–what a fun texture–reminds me of one of those stress-balls. Do you have any pictures of you in the orange wig? I want a post on that. 🙂

  8. oh amanda

    NO PICTURES of the clowning. Absolutely NOT! :o)

    Actually, I made a stressball once w/the kids out of flour and a balloon. That might work, too for juggling!

  9. oh amanda {impress your kids}

    I’ve tried juggling a billion times…with scarves, with balls, but I don’t think it will ever happen. *sigh*

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    WOW i didnt know this was how they where made. how cool.

  11. Kristen

    YES!!!!! I been looking for the way to do them by my self. Thank you very very MUCH!!!!!! I couldn’t imagine that simple.

  12. Christa

    My husband & I tried making these recently when we couldn’t find suitable beanbags. I followed an online tutorial that said to pour the lentils directly into the balloon – oh my gosh, we had lentils all over the house, the balloons took forever to fill, & all but 1 busted while trying to squeeze the balloon into another balloon. We played with the 1 for a bit, then my almost one year old bit the balloon & there went the beanbag – & the lentils all over him & the floor! So, I like how you used the sandwich bag – that probably would’ve helped! Thanks for the tip!

  13. [email protected]

    This is great! Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Edith

    This is so cute, so easy, and so much fun. I know my son will definitely enjoy this toy.

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  19. Jenn

    This is such a great idea – and so easy! Are you sure that there’s no need to make the rice more secure in there somehow? I just have visions of myself vacuuming up bags of rice from the living room rug… I can’t wait to give this one a try. Thank you!

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