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16 Meet the Teacher Gift Ideas

Make something lovely for your ‘meet the teacher’ this year.  It will be a wonderful introduction and to help you here are 16 meet the teacher gift ideas.

I just adore teachers!  I am so grateful for the service that they provide my boys.  You can find tons of Gift Ideas in the category section, but today we’re focusing on gifts for teacher.

Any of these ideas would be perfect for meet the teacher, the first day of school, or just because.

Meet the Teacher Gift Ideas


1.  Karen’s mocha sugar body scrub.
2.  Tamara’s altered and painted clip board.
3.  Anya’s framed teacher quote.
4.  Geeta’s end of the year scrapbook for the teacher.


5.  Inky Doodles teacher flip album full of memories.
6.  Faith Crafts girly version of the post it holder.
7.  Amanda’s adorable teacher bag tag.
8.  Stephanie’s apple note tote.


9.  Party of Five’s embellished plastic snack-sized fruit cup.
10.  Stamping with Carol’s teacher appreciation box with chocolates.
11.  Thanks a “latte” for your your hard work – from Daily Blue Plate Special.
12.  Andy made these cookie tubes with a a gift card for Starbucks tucked inside.


13.  Little box and embellished large paper clips from Laura.
14.  Graanny’s Blog made an apple card with matching paper clips.
15.  Dale’s teacher appreciation card, journal, journal jar and pen.
16.  Brenda’s post it note holder using an acrylic picture frame.

More Gift Ideas From Tip Junkie:

Thanks Ladies. I just adore these gifts they are amazing! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {{knuckle bumps}}

If you have a homemade gift idea or tutorial over on your blog, we’d love to see it! Feel free to leave the blog link in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Or if you’re looking for a specific theme, let me know! I’ll be happy to find it for you. {{I’ve got your back!}}

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am going to save these for future use!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I am hosting Snazl party next week on Back to School Survival. I can’t wait to send people over to your site for all of your great tips.

  3. beautiful ideas. these gifts can be used to gift children.


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  4. Thank you for compiling some very cute and accessible ideas for teacher gifts. Thank you also for not including anything about soap – as we get enough to scrub down our whole town every year. But I do have to object, respectfully, to your beach towel idea as I’m afraid it comes from the misguided notion that teachers get a two month vacation while the kids are home driving you nuts. In reality, most teachers spend their summers at various workshops – some mandatory, some not, some paid, most not – or reworking curriculum at home due to mandated changes from the school system, the town, the state, or the federal government.

    Some teachers, being among the underpaid civil servants everybody relies upon, get a summer job to defray the out of pocket expenses incurred while trying to do their jobs without enough materials. Those with time to do that are the lucky ones, those who do it in spite of the demands of their schools, are amazingly committed people who will always put the needs of the children in their classrooms ahead of their own needs because that’s what being a teacher is all about. Not test scores, not text books, not summer vacations – it’s about the children.

    I don’t mean to offend, only to educate. Thanks for listening.

    Esme K – former teacher, current mother of three extremely well educated children thanks to some extraordinary teachers!

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  9. To: Laurie
    Re: teacher gifts
    I’m a teacher too. I agree w/Esmeralda’s comment and must point out that we teachers Do Not Provide a Service! (as mentioned in paragraph 2) You cannot find us in the Yellow Pages! We are educators! Yes, we do many other things, we have too, but we are educators first and foremost! Readers-Please be careful when referring to teachers. Being undervalued makes us very sensitive.

  10. The links for #1, #9, and #16 aren’t working – it just says ‘Blog Not Found’. Thought you’d like to know….

    And thank you for the ideas!! I’m always on the lookout for something different!

  11. I Appreciated What You Have Done here. I am Always searching for informative information like this. Thanks for sharing with us realy good idea i like it thanks.

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