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18 Easy Sewing Patterns Using a Pillowcase

Everyone has an old pillowcase or two hanging out in a closet somewhere.  Actually, I just donated several last month to Goodwill.  Now I wish I had held onto them as I’ve found 17 easy sewing patterns using a pillowcase! Enjoy.


Pillowcase Pattern

1.  How to sew a Sleepover Pillowcase – Here’s a tutorial to make your darling little lady her very own “special” sleepover pillowcase.
2. Super Easy Pillowcase Pattern – Printer-friendly instructions on how to make this multi-fabric pillowcase.
3.  15 Minute Pillowcase Tutorial – Holiday pillowcases for the kids with these pictured instructions.
4.  MP3 Player Pocket Pillowcase – A cool homemade gift sewing pattern for any tween or teenager in your home.

Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcase Dress

5.  How to sew a Purple Petunia Pillowcase Dress – How to make a darling purple pillowcase dress with ribbon accents.
6.  Simple Crinoline Skirt – A free pattern with pictured instructions on how to make this simple crinoline skirt.

Free Pillowcase Patterns

Free Pillowcase Patterns

7.  Pantry Door Pillowcase Curtains – Use pretty pillowcases to make curtains for a pantry door.
8. How to make a Pillowcase Apron – An easy sewing tutorial on how to make an apron out of a vintage pillowcase.
9.  Pillowcase to Doll Blanket – How to turn a pillowcase into a darling blanket for your daughter’s doll.

Easy Sewing Patterns

10.  Ruffled Pillowcase Tote Tutorial – A darling little tote embellished with ruffles made out of a pillowcase.
11.  Pillowcase Grocery Tote Tutorial – How to turn a pillowcase into a grocery tote to as a green way to purchase your grocery’s.
12.  Pillowcase Pajama Shorts Tutorial – How to sew a pillowcase into pajama shorts for little boys.
13.  Pillowcase Purse Pattern – Give an orphaned pillowcase a new home — over your shoulder.

Pillowcase Pattern

14.  Tutorial: Turn A Vintage Pillow Case Into a Window Shade – A free pattern on how to make a window shade out of a vintage pillowcase.
15.  Ballet Roll – An easy way to turn a pillowcase into a ballet roll which holds all of your daughter’s ballet or dress up things in order.

Pillowcase Sewing Project

16.  Shepherd’s Headdress – How to make a shepherd costume for your live Nativity for Christmas.
17.  Pillowcase Jumper Pattern – How to sew a darling jumper out of a pillowcase with this free pattern with pictured instructions.
18.  Soft Napkins out of Pillowcases – Easy sewing patterns using a pillowcase to make soft napkins.

More Sewing Patterns from Tip Junkie:

What are your favorite sewing projects?


  1. Diane

    PERFECT!!!! a craft that even a non-crafter like me can do….thank you so much. I love it!!!!

  2. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh I adore old pillowcases! I made a slip out of one last summer.

  3. The Spangler

    THANK YOU so much for featuring a link here to my Purple Petunia Pillowcase dress…. and I love some of the other links you’ve put here – I am ALWAYS checking out the clearance bin at manchester shops for beautiful pillowcases to remake… I did another remake here for a european pillowcase remake.

    Wishing you a very happy, safe and memorable new year

    The spangler @ thequickunpick.blogspot.com

  4. Lisa

    Thanks for featuring my pillowcase tutorial. I really appreciate it!

  5. Jocelyn

    Wow! I was just reading through this post thinking how wonderful all of the projects are and how I’m going to try them out asap…and voila…you featured my apron!! What a surprise! Thanks a lot and thanks for all that you do to share good ideas with all of us! – Jocelyn

  6. Gloria M. Gonzalez

    Will you help me? Can’t find #1 tutorial, it’s no longer available. BTW, love you blog. #1 fan.

  7. Laurie

    Gloria ~ Here’s the updated link: http://www.myfourmonkeys.com/2010/05/craft-bonanaza-day-five-sleepover-pillowcase-tutorial-guest-post/

    Thanks for letting me know it was broken!


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  10. Phyllis Mason

    Thank you for this. I always go to Goodwill on the day they have everything at 50% off and stock up on the nicer pillowcases to make dresses for my granddaughter. Now I can make other things, too.

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