Turn your boring cleaning closet into something that you love to use! {It's TRUE!} You'll be more motivated to keep your home nice and clean by cleaning the closet and turning it into a beautiful space.   Here are three simple ways I turned my cleaning closet into a fab space, and you can too!  Just follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to changing your cleaning storage space from drab to fab!  {Just like I did.} ** Don’t forget to check out the exclusive offer from GreatCleaners.com at the bottom of this post. {wink} cleaning closet This is the fourth installment of our How to Clean series here on Tip Junkie.  In case you missed it, we've learned how to clean stains with a handy Stain Removal Guide that is perfect to hang in your laundry room. We've outsourced some of our chores now that the kids are helping to clean the house. And, we've figured out what cleaning schedule works specifically with our personality, thanks to the four cleaning checklists. {all free printables, of course}  What's left?  Well... we're wrapping up the series by making our cleaning closet cute! Cleaning_Closet_1

1. Where To Store The Cleaning Stuff?

I trust that you've found a cleaning schedule that works for you {wink}, so now it's time to decide WHERE you want to store all of your cleaning stuff and supplies.  You can store them in several ways, but I would suggest that you put your cleaning supplies where you use them! I used to have all of my cleaning "stuff" in one location {which seems to make sense, right?} and on cleaning day{s},  I found myself trekking up and down the stairs to get what I needed.  It was terrible.  So now, I have an upstairs cleaning supply space as well as a downstairs cleaning supply place.  I'm a much happier gal. So, I'd suggest that you take a second at your cleaning routine, make sure that you have enough cleaning supplies on hand, and store them where you can get to them easily.

clean closet

2.  Use Cute Containers With Handles

It's time to ditch the rubbermaid, and find some darling buckets, baskets, or funky containers that are large enough to hold all of your supplies and that are CUTE!  {snicker}  It's amazing how much easier cleaning seems when my containers are smaller and make my eyes smile every time I reach for a supply. Yep, I used to hold all of my cleaning supplies in a grey rubbermaid container.  {guilty}  I realized however,  that the container was so big that it started collecting all kinds of "stuff" at the bottom, and it wasn't "stuff" I wanted!  So the key is to find darling containers that are big enough to hold your supplies, but small enough to not attract clutter.  I'd also make sure that each container has a handle so you can quickly grab it and be on your happy cleaning way.

cleaning out closet

3.  Divide and Conquer

Instead of lumping all of your cleaning supplies into one container, consider dividing your supplies and making smaller cleaning kits. Usually when I clean, I do it in stages.  For instance, I'll clean all of the bathrooms at once or do all of the dusting.  Therefore, having a bathroom bucket or dusting bin is perfect!  Just grab the dusting tool kit that has everything you need for dusting inside.  Trust me when I tell you that it makes cleaning easier to do with less to mess with. Also, be sure to put your most used cleaning supplies either on top or right in front of the storage space.  This way your cleaning routine will be even smoother because you'll be able to access what you need, when you need it. Cleaning Stuff With a little organization, a few embellishments, {and a good attitude} you'll have a cleaning closet that's cute and functional.   Now all that's left is to start cleaning!  Yahoo!  See what I mean when I talk about a good attitude? {wink} If you have any great cleaning tips, I'd love to hear them. GreatCleaners.com

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How To Clean Series:

1.  Stain Removal Guide {free printable} 2.  3 Steps To Take The Mean Out of “Clean!” {printable job charts} 3.  Find A Cleaning Schedule That Works for YOU! {4 printable checklists} 4.  How To Make Your Cleaning Closet Cute! Disclaimer: How to clean series is sponsored by GreatCleaners.com. All opinions and cleaning methods are my own. {wink}