Three beautifully colored cupcake designs perfect to decorate any party table for any occasion.  These free printables include cupcake designs in a festive Bunting template, printable cupcake toppers, as well as a cupcake wrappers template. As always, the Tip Junkie Free Printable site has hundreds of pictured tutorials .  You can always search there if you’re looking for more cupcake designs pictured tutorials. {wink}

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Cupcake Designs

Use these cupcake designs to decorate a party table, party favor, or for any occasion.  These free files Include one cupcake wrapper design and 4 cupcake toppers and four different banner flag designs.  They are all free printables, so enjoy!

Cupcake Wrappers Template

It only takes 4 easy steps to learn how to Make Cupcake Wrapper. 1. Print on Card-stock using color printer. 2. Cut along dashed lines. 3. Wrap around cupcake to determine appropriate fit using the solid lines as a guide. 4. Apply adhesive to each end and secure.

Printable Cupcake Toppers

To compliment your cupcake wrappers perfectly, here are 3 easy steps to make cupcake toppers. 1. Add text and print on card-stock using a color printer. 2. use a 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 round hole punch (or cut along dashed lines). 3. Apply adhesive to non-printed sides of each piece and sandwich a lollipop stick between both pieces.

Bunting Template

How to make the Party Banner in beautiful cupcake designs to print out on matte color paper to decorate for a party or just because. 1. Print on card-stock using a color printer. 2. Cut along dashed lines. 3. Score along solid line near the top or banner flag using a bone folder and ruler. 4. Apply adhesive on both sides of ribbon and secure under the flap. 5. Attach to ribbon, embellish, and hang! Visit Ink-Bloom for additional coordinating Party Printables. About the Creator and Fellow Tip Junkie: Inkbloom™ offers creativity at your fingertips with a library of downloadable designs combined with Loomtack™,  our dual purpose product that lets you print fabric AND vinyl art on your inkjet printer.