Father’s Day Bottle Neck Ties


Here’s a very creative way of greeting our fathers on Father’s Day! You can use a regular beer bottle or like what I did, use a bottle of Coke.

bottle neck tie

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To use these, print the Bottle Neck Tie file on a letter size vellum board or cardboard of your choice, preferably with 200-220gsm paper weight.

bottle neck ties 2

Cut out the neck ties and glue the end of each tie onto the mid-section of the tie.

bottle neck ties 3

bottle neck ties 5

It is best if you use bottles with long necks. You can re-size each loop to fit your chosen bottle. Try to fit the tie first on the neck of the bottle and then glue together.

You can use this on your Father’s Day Party as an embellishment on your bottled drinks. Just make sure that you hand the bottled drinks to Dads only!

Also, you can use these to embellish your Father’s Day bottled gifts like wine or his favorite cologne or perfume.

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