If you have a visual child, using these pictures on their schedule will help them learn to become more independent.  I used them for a Daily Schedule which I made and laminated for use on the refrigerator, but there are many ways you can use them for your children. EHprint Print Free File: Download After School Images Include: Brush Teeth School Outside Homework Play time X-box Ear phones Movie Dinner Walk Bath Read Books Bed EHprint Print Free File: Download Use these pictures for a chore chart or daily schedule, or make your own. Chore Images Include: Clean Room Chore $ Chore Chomper Clothes Dishwasher Dust Buster Feed Dog Make Bed Make Snack Mirrors Tidy Up Trash Vacuum Gym Blue Ribbon EHprint Print Free File: Download Going Places Images Include: Car Car Seat Church Coat Doctor Elementary School Friend Gym Mall School Park Play Group Pre-school Run Errands Shoes Tae Quan do Walk EHprint Print Free File: Download Routine Images Include: Baby Loony Toons Bath Bed Blue’s Clues Breakfast Brush Teeth Caillou Dinner Dora Family Home Evening Get Dressed Homework Lunch Max & Ruby Movie Nap Quiet Read Books School Tom & Jerry Vitamin Walk EHprint Print Free File: Download You can use these pictures of toys to organize bins or for a daily schedule. Toy Images Include: ABC Letters ABC Music Cubes Airplanes Animals Alphabug Back Yard Ball Pit Baseball Basketball Bike Blue’s Computer Cars Car Garage CD Chalkboard Church Folders Color Computer Draw Dress Up Drums Ear Phones Elmo Word Desk Finger Plays Flash Cards Friend Over Games Golf Gymnastics Helicopter Horse Ice Mountain Jeep Justice League Kitchen Leap Pad Learn Legos Light Bright Lincoln Logs Little People Barn Magic School Bus Magnadoodle Mailbox Letters Marching Mozart Blocks Mr. Potato Head Paint Playdough Play Time Play Time with Daddy Physical Pretend Food Print out Pages Puzzles Remote Control Truck Rescue Heros Sing Soccer Spiderman Surprise Box Tank Train Workbooks X-box I hope these help! How to use these pictures to make a Daily Schedule for Toddlers or Preschoolers.