Here are 28 activities and crafts for kids.  I've got summer on the brain and have been spending my time planning a fun summer full of crafts and activities for the kids.  I just love these boredom busters! Please forgive the length of the post, as I went a little OTT trying to feature a variety of crafts, activities, and toys you can make and do together.  I hope they help you cut the boredom and increase the bonding time.

Felt Toys You Can Make

1.  A stuffed felt crescent-shaped pasta tutorial! 2.  Frosted Felt Sugar Cookies Tutorial 3.  Fold-n-Go pony farm 4.  Counting Cookies - felt cookies to assist in learning how to count

Toys You Can Make for Your Kiddos

5. Homemade Alphabet Blocks 6. Lacing Cards 7.  Race cars made out of toilet paper rolls 8.  Foam bath dolls 9.  Dino Land Suitcase tutorial 10.  Baby in a pouch 11.  Sock Monsters Tutorial 12.  Quiet Book Cover Tutorial 13.  Turn plastic spoon into cute miniatures 14.  Super easy cape for your little superheros 15.  Gone Fishing tutorial 16.  Oilcloth Chalk Mat as a travel activity play mat

Craft Projects to Keep Your Kiddos Busy

17.  Noodle box 18.  Sticker Books 19.  Use an old water bottle to blow lots of bubbles 20.  Pom Pom Garland

Easy Kid Crafts Your Kids Can Use

21. Recycled Bowling Game made out of Gerber puff containers 22.  Family Memory Game 23.  Make-your-own Paintable Chalk for the fence 24.  How to make a Wet Felted Soap-On-A-Rope

Activities You Can Do Together

25.  Nature ABC's 26.  5 Fun Collections for Your Kids 27.  Narration Flip Cards 28.  Homemade Fingerprint Cards