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8 Second Hand Furniture Restoration Ideas

Today I’m featuring 8 second hand furniture restoration ideas that you can do at home!  They range from easy to intricate but they all are inspiring furniture restoration makeovers that will bring beauty to  your home.

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Furniture Restoration

1.  Creative Room Reveal
2. DIY Mirrored Furniture
3.  Wrapping Paper Decor
4.  How to Slipcover a Glider Rocker


Second Hand Furniture

5.  Repurposing Liqueur bottles
6.  DIY Necklace Organizer
7.  Rescuing an outdated Christmas Wreath
8.  An old awkward shelf becomes useful again

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  1. oh wow, some of those DIYs look so amazing. I’d love to incorporate them into my home!

  2. why, oh why, do you have to stay sooooo ffar from south africa?????
    your work is utterly a work of art


  3. This looks totally stunning, congratulations! Some splendid DIY furniture there. Where did you acquire those skills?

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