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Sock Hop Birthday Party

Sock Hop Birthday Party

This would be a great party for adults and kids alike.  Especially if you are throwing a party for someone turning 60, since they would have been born in the 50’s.  Lots of great party food ideas that Kim matched with this theme.

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  1. Laurie, Thanks for sharing. This is an amazing party! I just posted my sock hop a few weeks ago. Feel free to share these ideas. http://www.obseussed.com/2011/04/girls-sock-hop-50s-birthday-party.html and my hamburger cupcakes http://www.obseussed.com/2011/04/hamburger-cupcakes-and-books.html and a tutorial on how to make DIY no-sew Poodle Skirts http://www.obseussed.com/2011/05/make-no-sew-poodle-skirt.html. And a tutorial for 18 inch doll Poodle Skirts http://www.obseussed.com/2011/05/poodle-skirt-tutorial-for-18-inch-doll.html Thanks! – Victoria (@obSEUSSed)

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